Saint Lucian actress Gabrielle Ryan

Saint Lucian Actress Lands Major Role in Netflix Show

Saint Lucian actress Gabrielle Ryan will be starring as the posh-and-uptight ‘Portia’ in the new Netflix show ‘Bonding’, filmed and set in New York.

Produced by Anonymous Content – responsible for films such as ‘The Wife’ with Glen Close, Netflix’s hit ‘13 Reasons Why’, ‘Babel’ with Brad Pitt and ‘Being John Malkovich’ – Bonding premiered at Cannes last year where it received rave reviews and will launch on Netflix early 2019.

A dark comedy loosely based on the colourful life of Rightor Doyle (star of Emmy-award-winning ‘Barry’ on Sky Atlantic) Bonding centres on the relationship between former high-school BFFs, Pete and Tiff, a grad student and secretly New York City’s top dominatrix, who reconnects unexpectedly years later.

Gabrielle says: “I’m so excited to be on Netflix, the world’s most-watched platform. I had an absolute blast working on this project. Bonding is hilariously funny. The creator Rightor Doyle is a genius!

Gabrielle Ryan

“You have to be where the work is, which means moving between London, New York and LA. Filming in New York was something I’d always dreamed about, but I definitely miss the UK and being back in St. Lucia and the Caribbean where my family are from.”

Gabrielle Ryan developed her love for drama at the prestigious Brighton College, UK, where she attended on an academic scholarship. She took three jobs, saved hard and went on to fund her own training at New York’s Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, where the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie and Robert De Niro also studied.

Before Strasberg, Gabrielle attended The Identity Drama School in London, UK under the guidance of Nigerian, Femi Oguns (MBE), which boasts Star Wars actor, John Boyega. Gabrielle credits Oguns’ original belief in her for taking acting seriously as a career.

Gabrielle is heading to LA for ‘pilot season’ – which means round-the-clock auditions over two months for America’s top new shows after which she says she will be heading back to the Caribbean and beaches of St. Lucia for some well-deserved liming.

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