3 Best Hotel Recommendations Around Orchard, Singapore

Who doesn’t know Orchard Road is located in Singapore? This road that has 2.5 km long road is located in the central area of Singapore which that full of expensive retail to affordable retail shops you can choose based on your needs. This area is really famous, it even became one of the most famous tourist attractions in Singapore. Orchard Road is surrounded by many department stores, coffee shops, down-to-earth and fancy restaurants you can choose.


No wonder, around this area, you can find so many beautiful hotels, and some of them become tourists’ favorites all the time. One of the most famous hotels around Orchard Road is Shangri la Singapore Hotel, which is specifically located at 22 Orange Grove Road, Orchard, Singapore, 258350. If you are looking from the front of this hotel, it has a very huge location. You can even do various activities at this hotel, such as having a barbecue time with your loved one, reading a book in their own library, having a good time by massaging your body in their spacious spa, and many more. Besides Shangri la Hotel, there are also other beautiful and recommended hotels you can put on your wish list as a place you need to stay in before you die. Check it out below!



Shangri la Hotel

As it has been mentioned before, Shangri la Hotel is a very spacious and comfortable hotel that you can find and stay in during your time in Singapore, specifically around Orchard Road. This hotel is full of luxurious stuff and lovely views. This hotel also has its own garden, called Garden Wing where you can refresh your mind by looking at the green scenery.


This hotel is also full of kid-friendly activities. There are so many kids zone areas where your children can spend their time with. This hotel even got an ‘Impressive’ review in Traveloka, and most of the guests are very satisfied staying in the Shangri la Hotel. If you have a special occasion and choose to stay in Shangri la Hotel, you can even tell the receptionist and they will give you a little surprise, that surely is unforgettable and memorable.


Hilton Singapore Orchard
After Shangri la Hotel, the next recommendation of hotels you can choose to stay in during your time around Orchard Road is Hilton Singapore Orchard. This hotel is specifically located at 333 Orchard Road, Orchard, Singapore, 238867. What are you looking for in a hotel? A beautiful scenery? A luxurious room full of modern interior and minimalism? A friendly and helpful staff member? Well, this place is the one you are looking for!


The beautiful scenery from your room’s hotel windows that show great Singapore is totally precious! Even if you don’t have anything to do, you still can find an attractive activity you can do at the hotel. You can relax your body while listening to the soft-beautiful music jazz in their café & lounge, spending your time at the gym or even the fitness court, having a good time in their restaurants, and many more! Well, on a friendly note, this hotel has a very great restaurant, where you can feel the expensive yet comfortable places to eat at the same time.


York Hotel

The last recommended hotel you can choose to stay in around Orchard Road is York Hotel. This 4-star hotel is located at 21 Mount Elizabeth, Orchard, Singapore, 228516. If you are looking for a place to stay that uses minimalism theme as their own hotel theme, well, York Hotel is the place you have been searching for!


Looking from the exterior of the hotel, you can say this hotel has so many floors in one place. York Hotel even became one of the most favorite places to do Workcation or Work From Home vibes since its scenery. This place really has a delicious laksa you can eat and many full foods you can find here.


That’s all of the hotel recommendations around Orchard Road. Don’t forget to book your dream room hotel only from Traveloka, because in Traveloka there are so many deals and promos waiting!