How to grow your social media following and net worth in 2022?

Numerous platforms of social media are mainstream sources of income and increase your net worth. Today in the world of influencers, EdTech channels like, and Entertainment platforms are available to all. It has changed the life and lifestyle of Thousands.


In this article, I am going to tell you all about five mainstream platforms of social media and how to increase your net worth via earning from there.


Choosing the right platforms for your content

One of the most important things you need to do before looking to earn through social media is to choose the social media handle as per what kind of content you are creating. Here are some suggestions for what platform should be preferred for what kind of content.


  • If you are creating purely entertainment content, It’s smart to choose platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube as per the length and popularity of the platform in your country.
  • Educational and informational content like Review videos, Courses, and analysis videos are more watched on youtube. As they are longer in length, youtube provides functionality like downloading and multiple quality streaming options.
  • If you are creating posts to inform people about jobs and information about other requirements it is preferred to choose channels like LinkedIn and Instagram.


Information about social media channels

All social media channels run on different algorithms and promote content of various kinds. It is smart to know about the channels before you invest your time and money in them.


Youtube is probably the only mainstream platform that allows you to spread your content to a worldwide audience. And it also gives you 3-4 minutes for the audience to approve or disapprove of your content.

Youtube is a unique platform in terms of the kind of content you can spread on it. It allows you to feature entertainment, informational, review, analytical, courses, gaming, and live streaming of various kinds.

Features of Youtube:

  1. Long Length Videos
  2. Streaming quality adjustment
  3. Live Streaming
  4. Reels
  5. Download option for bad network areas
  6. Making playlists and watching later options


Instagram has grown intensively in the last few years. It has over 2 Billion active monthly users. Content like entertainment and lifestyle is most popular among the people on this platform.

Features of Instagram:

  1. Photographic visibility
  2. Small videos/reels to attract viewers
  3. Wide range of filters
  4. Privacy
  5. The algorithm supports active users more


You must choose a perfect name for your Instagram or any other social media from various sites like


Facebook has been around for a long time now and it is the top social media platform in terms of active monthly users. The numbers rake up to 2.9 Billion users per month, 0.7 Billion more than second-placed Youtube.

Features of Facebook:

  1. Vast audience
  2. Multiple options of pages and personal profiles
  3. Creating groups and group-only interaction
  4. Highly user friendly


TikTok is a product of the modern generation’s mind. And why I say it is, it is the fast pacing content platform in our lives in the third decade of this century. It has become popular in a very short period of time and effectively has changed the lives of millions.

Features of TikTok:

  1. Fast browning through content
  2. Two categories of content(15 seconds and 60 seconds)
  3. Multiple filters to make content attractive



Twitter is one platform that stands out among its peers. As it is said, It has become a new town square of social media. All the topics are discussed within the limited word frame of tweets and people like to interact with people in public.

Features of Platform:

  1. Limited length of tweets
  2. Less pictorial
  3. More educational and debating on issues content


LinkedIn is a tool famous for making your profile more likable to get you work, instead of followers. Though it is used for that purpose too now.

Features of LinkedIn:

  1. Privacy Preference
  2. Request based Contact
  3. Suitable for company and company individuals


What to do to grow your following on these channels

Post Consistently and Relevant Content

It doesn’t matter which of these platforms you are creating content on. One thing that remains the same is posting content on a regular basis. It may depend on how frequent as per the platform but at least 1 post or video per day should be posted to grow continuously and be considered by those platforms to push your content algorithmically.


Another thing is to post content that is relevant to your profile or the theme of the content. If you are posting 3 or just 1 post per day, they should be of your niche. Posting 10 contents of no relevance will get you nowhere.


Engage with the audience

Engaging with your audience is the best way to grow. Not only do you get to keep the audience in touch, but the word of mouth may also spread and your following might Increase following.


Using Insights and analysis provided by websites to grow

It is wise to know whether what you are doing is working or not. And on that basis to curb the non-working type of content and create more of what is working. In any type of profile or brand creation, It is important to follow up on the insights. These websites provide you with multiple insight opinions which you should use to increase your following.

Use Paid promotions

Paid promotion is among the best-curated options to increase your following and increase your net worth. Today all these platforms give you options of location, interests of people in those locations, and many more. You should time to time use these options to promote your content smartly.


Collaborations and Following relevant channels

It is one of the best ways to increase your audience. Collaboration directly puts you in consideration to be followed by the followers as you aren’t a stranger to them and your content is known through some other channel.

Similarly, it is useful to drive followers across all channels of social media. It is also helpful to follow relevant channels.


There are many ways to increase your following on social media and earn a substantial amount of money to increase your net worth. We provided you with information here about the mainstream channels and how to increase your audience there.

It is not just a choice anymore, The kind of growth social media has seen over the years, One should definitely consider spreading his brand on social media. As it is worth both the following and earning.

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