LIME takes it to the next level with digital TV

LIME takes it to the next level with digital TV
LIME St. Lucia General Manager Chris Williams
LIME St. Lucia General Manager Chris Williams

Saint Lucia’s and the Caribbean’s leading telecommunication service provider, LIME is moving to shut down its analog cable television network and offer subscribers the full benefits of digital TV in the weeks and months to come

LIME TV will switch to 100% digital service and will start a switch-off of its analog service this month. The switch-off will be done in phases with a number of channels going off the analog service in each phase. Over the past few months LIME has been contacting customers with analog service to advise them of its plans to go fully digital.

The switch to full digital is in line with global standards. Caribbean countries will soon join the United States and the UK, among others, in the global switchover from analog to digital television.

The Caribbean Telecommunication Union (CTU), has been mandated by the CARICOM governments to address the issue of digital switchover for the Caribbean “as a matter of urgency.” Several European nations, the UK, USA and Canada have passed regulations requiring TV stations to switch from analog to digital transmissions.

LIME TV’s digital technology provides clear, sharp picture quality and sound. Customers also get access to over 150 channels, including radio channels and more programming options. The service includes customizable features like channel grouping, sound and picture options and an electronic programme guide that allows you to view program information in a variety of formats, from channel listings to detailed information about specific shows.

New customers signing up for LIME TV, and existing customers upgrading to digital, will get the first set top box free and half off on additional boxes, plus free installation, free activation, 25 percent off the monthly fee for 12 months (the equivalent of three months service free) and the HBO / MAX Movie Pack free until the end of February!

This is the ideal time for LIME customers with analog service to upgrade to LIME TV and enjoy the benefits of Saint Lucia’s leading TV service.

“Digital TV is the future of television, simply because it provides a much better experience for viewers,” said Chris Williams, LIME Saint Lucia General Manager. “Digital technology is transforming the way we watch television and compared to traditional analog TV, it brings many exciting new ways to enjoy your TV. LIME TV digital technology offers vastly improved picture and sound quality and access to more channels which we are continuously adding to the service. It also opens the door to the introduction of potential future services, such as HDTV, mobile TV, video on demand and a whole lot more. Aside from that, operating two systems has been hampering our ability to deliver great service to all our customers. Our switchover to a fully digital service is a very positive thing for our customers. Our job is to show them the great benefits they can enjoy from going digital.”


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