Dog fashion shows

Dog Fashion Shows: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

A man’s best friend deserves the same if even not better treatment. Today, more than ever before, our beloved pets are treated as family members. When circumstances allow it, we can even help them make a career for themselves. No, we are not talking about training your pet to be a police dog. We are talking about something much more spectacular. Did you have an idea to help your dog become a fashion model? This is a career path many individuals choose for their dogs. You can’t lie to us; you’re interested.

As you know, the fashion business is a cutthroat one. Top models need to be and remain on top of their game to make a career for themselves. When it comes to dogs the situation is a little bit different. There could be some barking but no biting is allowed. If you think that your loved one has enough talent to try it, you should think about dog fashion shows.

You’re probably unsure of what’s happening behind the scenes and that’s the view we’re going to give you. It’s not too complicated. For starters, you could start with a duck dog collar which you can find here, and move on from there.

So, do we have your curiosity? The answer is probably yes; that’s why you’re still reading this article. In that fashion let’s start with the basics, and answer the first question for you.

What Are Dog Fashion Shows?

Dog fashion show

As we said, it is simple. We are talking about genuine fashion shows. The owners bring their dogs to the event, dress them up, and that’s the time for their canines to shine – doing the catwalk. These are not some loosely organized events. We’re talking about the fashion business for dogs. You need to apply, pay for the participation, and have your loved one looking top-notch.

After all, you don’t want to embarrass your dog in the presence of other top dog models. If you’re even thinking this is a waste of time and a novelty that is passing by trend; you’re wrong. Dog fashion shows have been around for more than two decades. You even have yearly events with one of the most famous ones being the New York Fashion Show. If you look back at traditions some of the most prestigious events such as the Westminster Dog Show have been around for more than a century. Interested?

Behind The Scenes Work

Dog Shows

Dog fashion shows are just like any other fashion show you’ve ever seen. We’re talking about events that are organized on such high levels that you couldn’t even believe it. It all depends on the show in question but the majority of them work on the same principle. Once your dog has an application and the day of the show is nearing, it is your duty to ensure that the dog will be able to do the catwalk.

Beyond that, it is all in the hands of professionals. Firstly, if we’re talking about smaller events the case might be that you’ll have to dress up your dog. For big events such as the two we already mentioned, professionalism is on another level. You wouldn’t believe just how many people are involved.

We are talking about the top-notch organization which includes personal hairdressers, fashion designers, dog walkers, dental experts and so much more. Every participant is prepared for the catwalk in the best possible manner. These dogs receive similar treatment to the one Victoria’s Secret models do when it’s time for them to attend a show.

The Contest Itself

Dog Clothing

It’s been said a few times – everything is the same as with a regular fashion show. The jury is out selecting the most glamorous dog, the best-looking one, and of course, the best-dressed one. Depending on the competition you’re entering with your canine the selection might differ but in essence, all fashion shows of this type aim for the same.

It is not only about presenting fashion items, it is also about presenting the best dog. This is where it differs from human fashion shows. Top models are only doing their job and representing a brand. Dogs, on the other hand, are representing themselves and their owners.

Dresses and suits are in second place. If you’re new to this type of contest you should know that some dog owners take things seriously and that they’re owning dogs who are trained to walk the walk, charm everyone, and who know how to wear fashion items.

The Dog Fashion Industry Rise

Dogs are man’s best friends. They have always been and are here to stay. They’re just now finding various ways to become even more important parts of our lives. Today, we have chefs preparing dog meals in restaurants, they’re allowed on planes and have various rights that go hand in hand with human rights.

We fought for them, and the situation is deservedly like that. At the same time, we have witnessed the rise of the dog fashion industry. Today, unlike ever before we can dress up our dog’s tail to head with all the paws included.

Various fashion brands have popped up, and we have dog owners who spend more money on their dogs than they do on themselves. There are dog sneakers and shoes, scarves, ties, jackets, vests, trousers, and everything in between. All that is left is to pick the perfect combination for your loved pet.

But, remember, the casual wear you have at home for your canine just won’t cut it at a dog fashion show. Remember it is a cutthroat business and if you want to put your dog out on the market both of you need to put the work in.

Bottom Line

It’s a new era we’re living in. One dedicated to our loved ones – dogs. There are so many ways to make your loved one feel special and making him a top model dog is just one of them. It just might prove to be the best one. After all, dogs are a competitive breed. Enlist them and give your dog a shot at fame.