The Dos and Don’ts of Men’s Underwear Fashion: Styling Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

When you think about fashion underwear is the last thing on your mind. A mistake! That’s right. Wearing underwear with fashion style is as important as having the right shirt, trousers, or belt. Yes, it is almost equally important. Some fashion experts even argue that it is more important that you know your way around underwear. After all, that’s where you start your attire. It makes more sense now, right? Of course, it does. You’ll get even better ideas and get rid of some of the wrong ones after reading this article.

First of all, we can understand if you have all the wrong ideas. After all, the choice of underwear is never easy. For some it is mind boggling why would you even dedicate your time to selecting the right pair of boxers. But, as we said, it is important. Today, when you have a great selection of men’s underwear online at outlets such as  And just like that all of your excuses were thrown out the window. Don’t be mad at us. Be grateful. We’re not going to stop. Even more great things are written below.

With a little bit of patience, you’re going to have a changed view of the underwear selection you were making and the past and the one you’ll be dedicated to in the future. There are many dos and don’ts of men’s underwear fashion. In this article we are going to run through those we find the most important. But it is not all about doing the right thing. Sometimes the best thing to do is to avoid a mistake. That’s why we’re going to bless you with both styling tips and mistakes to avoid when it comes to men’s underwear fashion. Let’s start. Check out what we have to say on this subject.

Make a Choice


Don’t cheat on your underwear. You have a massive selection of underwear today. But you can only be loyal to one style, and possibly to a few brands. That’s not cheating. Many brands have similar styles. So, once you’ve decided on a style it is vital that you don’t take too many steps back. Always look to be stylish but to no compromise on comfort. Have both things in mind when choosing your style. In this area, you need to be as confident as a woman. Choose the underwear that will make you feel sexy, comfortable, and confident at the same time. That’s what style can do for you.

Don’t Miss The Size

We’re being quite blatant here, but sometimes it is necessary. No styling tip is going to help you if you buy too small or too large underwear. Yes, we’re stating the obvious but sometimes it needs to be done. You need to pay attention to a few details when you’re selecting the right size for yourself. Many places won’t allow you to try out your underwear before buying it. So, you need to pay attention to your hip size, waist size, and waistband position.  The best way to do this is by using body tape. Be accurate when you’re doing this. With accurate measures, it will be much easier to search for the right size and you’ll lower your margin for mistakes. If you find yourself in between measurements it is always better that you go for a size a little larger than to aim for the smaller size. Tightness is never good when it comes to underwear.

Don’t Ignore Stains

It is easy to be a man among men. We don’t care for details. But, think about the ladies. Stains can come from any direction. We’re not going to even mention the holes. Our lads won’t pay too much attention to small details such as stains and holes. ladies will. So before your clothes are taken from you in a passionate turn of events you don’t want to be embarrassed by a hole or a stain. So, take good care of your underwear, wash them under instructions, and keep yourself tidy. When it comes to stains that can’t be washed away. You know the drill. It’s shopping time.

Match Socks and Underwear


We’re talking fashion here men. It is not even a surprise that many lads do not pay attention to their socks and underwear selection. They should. You need to pair everything. It is not too hard having matching socks and underwear. You need to expand your collection of both if you can’t handle this on the first go. You’ll rarely wear white underwear with white socks. Maybe for the gym. So seek the black and white combo. Blue and blue. Black and black. We don’t have to draw this for you. There are multiple combinations. Just make sense of it. But, don’t think it’s not important.

Material Matters Too

Avoid synthetics. This is an easy road to take. Be natural. Feel natural. Buy natural. Most underwear is made of natural fabrics. Of course, there is a lot of synthetic and it is cheaper. But, it’s not worth the hustle. You need to aim for cotton and similar materials. You want to bread in the area that underwear covers. You need light underwear that offers plenty of versatility. Seek softness and breathability first and foremost. If you start making compromises in this department, soon you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’re often uncomfortable, sweaty, and nervous.

Don’t Save on Replacements


We all live different lives. We have different activities. So, our underwear will wear off differently. But, you need to keep it tidy in this department. So while your favorite underwear might look like it can hold its own for a few more months, don’t give them too much time. We don’t all have the same standards, but the underwear collection needs to be replenished every half a year to nine months. Yes, you don’t have to throw away your favorite boxers. Just put them on the side and change the frequency of wear. leave them for a special occasion, or wear and tear them in the gym or at work.