Best Casinos in Santa Lucia: Luck Shines Brightly

Summer is just around the corner. Many of us already dream about the days we will spend relaxing on the beach, under a clear sky, sipping cocktails or cola. However, some have yet to plan their trips. Some aren’t even sure where they are going to go. So, for anyone who may not know where to spend their summer vacation, may we recommend the paradise that is Santa Lucia.

Santa Lucia is a perfect holiday destination. Gorgeous beaches, fantastic resorts, and a mild, warm climate make what can accurately be described as a “paradise island.” But, many wonder if they can gamble when visiting St. Lucia. So, in this article, we will go over Santa Lucia’s gambling laws and the most notable gambling destinations.

Santa Lucia Gambling Laws

While gambling was prevalent among tourists and locals in Santa Lucia, recent laws have made it challenging to maintain a land-based gambling industry. For this reason, many St. Lucia locals now play online for real money on these sites. Of course, the iGaming industry has grown in popularity around the world. Keep your phone or PC handy if you want to gamble when visiting St. Lucia.

Land-based gambling has become a real issue in the country, as the laws are harsh and complicated. Up until recently, the most successful casino was the Treasure Bay Casino. However, the establishment closed its doors in 2020. Still, it would be worth reviewing what the casino was like, just to give you an idea of how gambling worked in St. Lucia.

The Treasure Bay Casino

At one point, the Treasure Bay Casino was the most notable of Saint Lucia’s gambling destinations. Located in the Baywalk Shopping Mall in Gros Islet, tourists and visitors would have no trouble finding Treasure Bay. Beachgoers were happy to learn that the Mall and the casino were within walking distance of one of St. Lucia’s most popular beaches, Reduit Beach. So, after a game of slots or poker, they could dip in the ocean or do a little R&R on the sandy shore.

As for the games, visitors were spoiled for choice. The casino held over 200 slot and video poker machines, which engrossed an audience. Fans of Poker were happy to learn that there was an exclusive Poker Lounge at the casino. Newbies frequently make the mistake of jumping headfirst into the pool of sharks, losing all their cash. Being unprepared is much more complicated nowadays, as you can look up 3 card poker tips and other online gambling tutorials. These kinds of videos are beneficial, especially for new gamblers.

Gamblers will also find roulette tables, blackjack tables, and craps besides slots and poker. So, as you can see, the Treasure Bay Casino has something for any kind of gambler, which is why it is the most popular gambling establishment in St. Lucia and undoubtedly worth visiting.

What to Do in Santa Lucia?

Despite the restrictions placed on gambling, there is still a lot of stuff to do in Santa Lucia. In the rest of the article, we will review a few ways to make the most out of your stay on this paradise island.

1. Beaches

The first and most obvious reason to visit Santa Lucia is the gorgeous beaches that will leave anyone speechless. Reduit Beach is the most popular among locals and tourists. Excellent for early morning walks, noon swims, and afternoon beachside relaxation, Reduit is an excellent spot for any beachgoer. It is situated near a green hillock, where visitors are bound to get a lot of enjoyment from St. Lucia’s most famous beach.

Another option is the Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef, which some rate even higher than Reduit. The beach is next to a beautiful mountain full of green landscapes. And for those who aren’t convinced, you can always check out other excellent beaches like Jalousie, Anse Cochon, and La Toc.

2. Wilderness Tours

For flora and fauna fans, St. Lucia’s biodiversity will surely leave you speechless. Though travel might get a little dangerous, we recommend you book one of the great wilderness tours led by excellent guides. They will impart knowledge about the country’s animals and plants and ensure you take the safest route.

3. The Castries Market

If you are interested in the day-to-day life and culture of Saint Lucia, the Castries Market is a must-see. Located in Castries, the local market is the largest open market in the entire country. Over 300 regular vendors populate the area, with more joining the fun for special occasions.

Once upon a time, the market had butcher shops that would slaughter the animal right in front of customers. However, the practice was deemed too brutal and is no longer practiced. Still, the Castries Market is where you can purchase absolutely anything, from fresh produce to any other goods you can think of.

In 1996, the Vendor’s Arcade opened right near the market. It is a perfect place for tourists to taste the local cuisine, purchase crafts made on-site, and buy frozen products, should they need to fill their fridges.

When Should You Visit Santa Lucia?

Santa Lucia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean Islands. Most tourists flock to the country in July. In St. Lucia, the month is known as Carnival season, and all major cities are bursting with life and excitement.

If you are not looking for endless fun and excitement, consider visiting during late April, May, or early June. The months make up St. Lucia’s “down season.” So, you will get the most out of lazing around and enjoying the sun and the beach during these months.


The paradise island of Lucia is undoubtedly a place worth visiting. Fantastic beaches, excellent tours, and some great attractions for locals make the Caribbean island a perfect place for a vacation. So, if you have the time or the cash, look into some of the best resorts in Santa Lucia in 2024.