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  1. As a children growing up in the Soufriere area my mother's family, relatives and friends always had free access to the public beach area of Sugar Beach. Why is it that fellow St. Lucians and visitors (not staying at the hotel) are being required to pay a no-refundable fee of fifty US dollars simply to access the public beach area?

  2. Great memories and congratulations on Saint Lucia’s 40th Anniversary....will never forget friendships and graciousness of Sir John, Lady Compton and Ausbert... Jim Holtaway, USAID Regional Director, 1985-1989




  4. Hello , Great Service. I was listening to a talk show on Helen FM and one of the hosts insisted that Bermuda is part of the West Indies Archipelago. I would like to tell him to take a look the map. Bermuda is located about latitude 32' 30'N , way north of the Tropic of Cancer, at about same latitude with parts of South Carolina and Georgia, way north of Florida. Bermuda is not even tropical and is totally isolated from the Caribbean islands physically!!

  5. Very good website www.slunewsonline.com, keep up the good work.
    wow, just noticed the live weather page.
    you guys have something great here, keep working on it and keep the ads to a minimum.
    i like the fonts size very readable.

  6. Get a lawyer to make the necessary orange-ments

  7. How long have Lucians been going to Reduit Beach? Why have you not provided the basic sanitary facilities at this once beautiful beach, I am refering to Public toilets and change rooms. Why are Lucians and tourists treated like animals? Off into the sewage infested bushes to do your busines or change, if you can find a clean private spot! Totally disgusting this day and age of sanitation. Over flowing garbage bins at the entrance, almost unwalkable road entrance, people living in wrecked boats abandoned on the shore.
    Where is the beautiful St Lucia?
    Why are it's citizens and tourist subjected to such filth!
    How often is the water tested for E-coli (pollution content) ?
    How can the government of St Lucia not look after it peoples basic needs and protect its tourist industrry?
    Shame on the Government!

    • I agree. As a tourist to St. Lucia, I find Reduit Beach a disgrace. Old boats, broken sun beds laying about, dangerous wires near the Rex. Does the Government not care about tourists, their only source of revenue? It is absolutely disgraceful and so sad, to have such disrespect for a lovely Island. The south end of Reduit Beach is not safe, people selling drugs all day long, and stealing from tourists. I have been to the Island several times, and no longer swim in the sea. If I do I try to go to the far end by the Bay Gardens where the beach is clean.
      Garbage every where. Another reason why I don't walk the beach, I find myself wanting to pick it up. Plastic bags, styrofoam cups all over the place, in the sea, rivers. There is a river near the doctors building by the main road in Rodney Bay, and by the bus stop. It is so sad to look at. Is it not possible for the doctors to get together and do something about it, put pressure on the government to clean it up, and fine people for littering.
      Massey Supermarkets are shameful as well. They should be charging for plastic bags, and encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags to the store. Come on Massey, be RESPONSIBLE.
      Last but not least........the cesspool just before the East Caribbean Village, has been there for over thirty years. The stink at times is unbearable. HEALTH DEPARTMENT IN ST. LUCIA WHERE ARE YOU. .

      • lets look realistic,
        plastic bags from the store are mostly used to put the garbage for household collection. The big problem is the PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES and items packed and sold in plastic,sold in stores.Another problem, why so many items are made from plastic when it can made from organic materials?
        Government is trying to start (finally after long time) to tackle the problem and banning styropor for take away food and one way cups. Lets hope more to come.

  8. Remembering Quinton Garrathy. (Virgin Atlantic Staff who was killed) It is another Christmas and New Year without you.
    You were tragically taken from us by Sebastian King, (son of Lead Pathologist Mr. Stephen King) and the driver of the black Hyundai SUV who killed Quinton at 01.38 hrs on Sunday 3rd August 2014.
    You were a loving son, father, brother, nephew, cousin and friend to us all.
    We have had 3 years, 4 months, 24 days of absolute hell and our lives are changed for ever by Quinton's tragic loss of life. Whilst the driver continues to enjoy his life.
    For us left behind there are no celebrations, birthdays, Christmas's, New Years or milestones that Quinton should have enjoyed here with us. More than one person's life was ruined. The loss of Quinton can never be filled by anyone. Quinton was so very special.
    His parents lost a son, his daughter a father, his brother a brother, his family, and friends a treasured loving man.
    We all believe that justice will prevail. We have faith in St Lucia Criminal Justice System in their continued investigation to bring this criminal act to a truthful conclusion. As reported by social media press and witnesses at the scene of the incident that killed Quinton. Mr. Stephen King, father of the driver arrived at the scene before police, after his son phoned him. It is our understanding that police evidence and normal procedures for such an incident were changed. For e.g. when was Sebastian King breathalysed. We understand this was done at the police station sometime after the incident. Please acknowledge that both interference and particular evidence was contaminated.
    Please. Justice must be concluded and the true facts brought out. A man lost his life here.

  9. Merrick and staff,
    I am thankful for your efforts in bringing the news promptly. I know this involves a lot of work behind the scene. You have shown the ability to deliver in a reliable style. I wish everyone continued success.

  10. GUD JOB


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