Feel the Pulse of SEO at Budapest's Upcoming SEO Vibes Conference

Feel the Pulse of SEO at Budapest’s Upcoming SEO Vibes Conference

In the heart of Europe, Budapest is preparing to host the most anticipated SEO conference in the Central and Eastern European region.

Organized by WhitePress, the SEO Vibes Conference, set to kick off this October, is shaping to be a place full of business insights, networking opportunities, and of course, a touch of the famed Budapest entertainment.

Why Budapest? Why Now?

Why Budapest? Why Now?

Budapest has emerged as one of the central hubs for SEO professionals, with the CEE region witnessing a boom in the industry over the past few years. Recognizing the potential, WhitePress aims to bridge the knowledge gap and foster collaborations among international experts and budding talents in the region.

On the main day, the Eiffel Art Studios will resonate with the insights of SEO bigwigs such as Kyle Roof from High Voltage SEO, Bastian Grimm of Peak Ace, and Gabor Papp from The Pitch, among many others. These industry stalwarts will delve deep into the latest SEO trends, from the intriguing world of AI to the nitty-gritty of technical SEO aspects.

For a complete list of the speakers, check out the official SEO Vibes website.

Discover Budapest: More Than Just an SEO Conference

Beyond the sessions, the conference venue itself is a talking point. The Eiffel Art Studios, a refurbished maintenance hall of the Hungarian Royal Railways, stands as a testament to Hungary’s rich history meshed with its progressive future. The iconic venue will also serve as the backdrop for the after-party – a chance for attendees to let their hair down and socialize.

And that’s not all – an exclusive Danube cruise awaits those who opt for the limited Jazzy Package. Imagine discussing SEO algorithms while gazing at the breathtaking Budapest skyline with a glass of Tokay wine. Doesn’t that sound tempting?

SEO Vibes Conference Tickets: What’s the Cost?

SEO Vibes Conference Tickets: What’s the Cost?

WhitePress offers two ticketing packages. The Classy Package covers the entire conference experience, from expert sessions to the after-party, including a minimum of 12 speeches delivered by world-class SEO experts.

Coffee and refreshments are included, along with a buffet lunch on the conference day. All guests will also receive a special gift pack, which remains a secret for now. For now, the Classy Package costs 49 900 HUF, or approximately €134.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can unlock the Jazzy Package, which grants access to the full SEO Vibes experience. This package includes an additional day of networking with renowned SEO specialists, as well as more private business discussions in groups with experts.

Most importantly, the Jazzy Package includes a scenic river cruise along the Danube River with sightseeing and deep SEO discussions – snacks and wine included. You can purchase the Jazzy Package for 89 900 HUF, or approximately €242, but be quick – the package is limited since the cruise can only take so many people!

What’s on The Agenda?

The conference begins on the 4th of October with a networking boat party, exclusive to Jazzy Package holders. Guests will embark in the late afternoon, around 5 PM, and will see some of the most iconic landmarks that Budapest has to offer. The cruise will last until late in the evening, with the exact schedule to be announced.

On the 5th, registration opens at 8:30 AM, and at 9:30 AM the official opening begins, with a warm welcome to the conference from WhitePress. Right after that, at 10 AM, a block of case studies and best practices in digital business presentations will begin until 12 PM.

After a 30-minute coffee break, the conference will continue with AI & Data Science sessions and speeches until 2:30 PM – concluding with a lunch break. At 4 PM, the final block of sessions on SEO will begin, lasting until the after-party, which starts at 6 PM.

During the event, you’ll learn how to deliver a SEO performance scaled to your needs, how to utilize AI technology to promote growth, what critical SEO errors to avoid when running an e-commerce, how to automate your SEO workflow, and much more – all from renowned international SEO specialists.

Check out the promotional video for SEO Vibes on YouTube!

International SEO Specialists: Speakers at SEO Vibes

International SEO Specialists: Speakers at SEO Vibes

The speakers at SEO Vibes represent some of the world’s most knowledgeable industry veterans and emerging thought leaders, each bringing a unique perspective to the table.

• Kyle Roof, the owner of the High Voltage SEO agency, will share his extensive knowledge gained from managing multiple international locations and co-creating the PageOptimizer Pro tool.

• Robert Niechciał, the CTO of Vestigio Agency, brings 18 years of SEO experience with a keen focus on Google algorithms.

• Raluca Radu, with over 18 years in digital marketing, represents MTH Digital and GPeC, and she actively promotes digital marketing through her YouTube channel.

• Gabor Papp, co-founder and Head of SEO at The Pitch, has made significant contributions to the SEO community by publishing numerous articles and case studies.

• Mihai Vânătoru stands out as the CEO of DWF, the largest SEO agency in Romania, boasting more than 200 active projects.

• Bastian Grimm of Peak Ace AG has a rich history with international SEO and holds keen interest in the potential of AI for digital marketing.

Other remarkable speakers include Alex Galinos from hoppa, Gaetano Romeo, the multifaceted growth manager and brand ambassador of WhitePress Europe, Damian Sałkowski of Senuto, Natalia Witczyk, an International & Tech SEO Consultant, Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR from Holistic SEO & Digital, and more.

What’s to Gain from SEO Vibes for SEO Practitioners?

What’s to Gain from SEO Vibes for SEO Practitioners?

SEOs can expect a comprehensive deep dive into the current trends and future directions of search engine optimization. The event will present a holistic view of the SEO world, encompassing both tried-and-true methodologies and innovative, cutting-edge strategies.

For SEO professionals, visiting SEO Vibes not only provides insights into enhancing website rankings and visibility, but also nurtures a deeper understanding of user behavior, search engine algorithms, and the evolving dynamics of the digital world.

Come and learn about useful case studies, actionable tactics, and expert perspectives – SEO Vibes equips SEOs with the tools and knowledge to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive industry.