Zouks new owner facing fraud charges in the US

Zouks new owner facing fraud charges in the US

ar-161029572The new owner of the St. Lucia Zouks is currently facing charges of fraud in the US.

Jignesh “Jay” Pandya, the owner of Royal Sports Club, based in Philadelphia, is currently facing charges of fraud and operating a ponzi scheme in the US.

The charge of fraud was brought to the US courts by plaintiff Jagdish Patel against Pandya and another co-accused.

The legal issues stems from an alleged financial fraud that has elements of a ponzi scheme.

Pandya’s club purchased the St. Lucia Zouks last week.


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  1. Makes sense no. Corrupt people only by into corrupt countries as that's the only way the dirty money can get washed.


  2. How many Passports did he acquire for opening this crazy business in St. Lucia
    it appears to me that anyone can just come here and start business with no questions
    asked and they attain so called citizenship? This thing needs heavy duty review.


  3. oh gosh, dese ppl doesn't to background research when selecting buyers?? haven't we learn anything from sanford?


    • No worries as he is based in America and he is bringing all his profits back to America, so nothing will happen to him or to this case. Maybe if the money was going to be circulated throughout the Caribbean he would have been charged and arrested. Remember ALLAN STANDFORD! Similar situation and STANFORD was arrested not too long after the million dollar T20 game. TWWLI


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