Zandoli supports Raise Your Voice fight against violence

Zandoli supports Raise Your Voice fight against violence

73518c3c-632e-4ea7-a8e3-940279553e98PRESS RELEASE – Zandoli International Foundation stands with “Raise Your Voice” in condemning Domestic Violence and particularly violence against women and children in Saint Lucia.  

In light of the recent rapes of two women in the north of the island at Cas-en-Bas and Mongiraud, Zandoli continues to call for a more concerted effort to deal with the alarming increase in sexual assaults in Saint Lucia.

Zandoli continues to monitor the situation and has paid particular attention to the police crime statistics for 2015 which have shown a significant rise in sexual offences on the island.

Zandoli’s request for signatures in an online petition has come to its one year objective and the organization is poised to present its Petition for an Online Sex Offender Registry to the government.

In continuing its “We-Want-To-Know” campaign, Zandoli believes that a Sex Offender Registry is a critical step in the fight against Rape and Child Molestation in Saint Lucia, by allowing citizens the ability to identify known offenders and also to be the eyes and ears of the police in their much touted “Community Policing” endeavours.

Zandoli calls on all good Saint Lucians to support this fight against Rape and Child Molestation.


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  1. Zandoli and Raise your Voice St. Lucia are trying something no one seems to have success in. Stop pussy footing and call out the Minister of national SEcurity. Its a failed Minsiter running a collapsed justice system. Unless you go there youll be singing that song till you tired.
    It is obvious crime and law and order are way beyond that Minister. Dr. King tried it with a group to tackle the remand population. Waht did they get? Instead of getting another criminal court to help the situation they got a commercial court. So where you going


  2. Long over. Zandoli and the other organizations have been crying out about this problem for years. Everybody is pussyfooting around this issue. What more do they want in order to do what's right? Too many hypocrites and sootiwez.


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