Zandoli calls on St. Lucian Government to investigate child sex abuse

Zandoli calls on St. Lucian Government to investigate child sex abuse

child-abuse-740PRESS RELEASE – Executive Director to Caribbean Committee against Sex Crimes, and CEO of Zandoli International Foundation, Camille St. Omer is calling on the authorities in Saint Lucia to investigate child molestation and sexual abuse on the island.

The recent circulation of a video including underage children engaging in violation of other children is a reminder of the decay in the moral fabric of society.

Deeply troubled by the unsettling news of the exploitation of minors in heinous ways, the organization hopes that crimes perpetrated against children will receive the fullest support of the justice system even in instances where victims lack financial or legal support. A major concern of CCASC are communities where child abuse is rampant and the incomes of families fall below the median for that district, crimes against minors go beyond the socially acceptable time frame. CCASC believes that these lower income demographics require immediate and free support by organizations on the island.

CCASC is prepared to share its programs of social development to minimize child sexual abuse and distribution of free education materials to families and school children. Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes is an organization with stakeholders and partner organizations throughout CARICOM and the world comprised of over 35+ groups advocating for child molestation prevention. CCASC hosted the US Department of Justice SMART office in a November 2016 meeting to determine best practices and viable options regarding CCASC and Zandoli’s advocacy for the establishment of a regional sex offender’s registry.


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  1. all a dat DAMN right to happen not batty man thing and rubbing people want to legalize and decriminalize in saint lucia making groups saying yall have rights. what rights, rights to that nastiness and disgusting thing yall want to promote to bring curse on our country after it already going down the drain. you think the little children not seeing yall on tv with yall demonstrations and in their little minds thinking that this is right look at them now engaging in this filth.
    if that was my children mwe ta cai fan chew yo. de ban malpop



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