Yvonne Edwin elected new CSA president

Yvonne Edwin elected new CSA president
Yvonne Edwin
Yvonne Edwin
Yvonne Edwin

Civil Service Association (CSA) member and former shop steward, Yvonne Edwin, has been declared the new president of Saint Lucia’s largest trade union grouping.

Edwin, who has been a member of the CSA since 2001, and a young vibrant worker in the public service, defeated Cletus Cyril, to become the organisation’s new president.

CSA executive, Wilfred Pierre, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) late Wednesday evening that while a recount is being done, the initial count has shown Edwin winning the position by a landslide.

Edwin said her campaign was based on change and this may be the main reason for the overwhelming victory she received at the organization’s biennial election.

The new president noted that the association has been clearly divided and politicized, something she hopes to address during her term in office.

She promised to do her best, while acknowledging that she had a challenging task ahead.

The polls were opened early Wednesday morning for members to participate in voting for a new executive. They were each granted one hour to complete their voting at the various polling stations island wide.

In an effort to make the system more transparent, voters’ names had to be electronically verified, before they were given the green light to vote. All polling stations were closed at 5 p.m.

There were some 2,080 registered voters, and 20 individuals that contested for various positions.


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  1. Now we have all voted and can change nothing. Just 1 warning. We have gotten accustom of being involved in every decision making. Prior to the last 4 years a 0.0.1 was imposed on us by the then executive. Please do not trend there.


  2. All dem people red. If the majority of people who went out to vote for Mr Jean how come is Ms Edwin that win. Something fishy here


  3. this is not mary isacc that could of stand up to kenny,, and even clitus cyril would be able to stand stronger to kennyt woman is tooooo, soft,, and they are slp supporters,,


  4. The labour party has taken back ownership of their Union.
    0-0-0 for the civil servants and no strikes if labour wins.
    10-10-10 if UWP wins and strikes every day.
    High paid jobs for all of them in any labour government after they serve their term on the executive.
    Its all so predictable, one will end up at WASCO, one will end up heading a BS committee in Babonneau, and another at SALCC pontificating and wallowing in self aggrandizement.
    So hypocritical.


  5. congragulations yvonne lets hope things will be different this time around, free from the in fighting and all the political influences.


  6. Congrats! I dont know you but when i heard you over radio St.Lucia with Sheldon i said yes you have what it takes to be an effective president.All the best.


  7. Congratulations Miss Edwin!!!! I pray this will be the end of all the public infighting in this union. I personally was fed up of it being played in the media. It is time for the healing to begin and for all your members to come together to restore the reputation of your union. I wish you the best and to remind you to seek God's guidance in all you do.


  8. congrats. i hope it isnt just a change of party spirit from yellow to red that you bring. I see you dresssed in red already.lol
    please do right by us young workers and leave a good fair and honorable legacy


  9. Wish you all the best....

    Mr. David DeMacque should be utilized to assist you in the reorganizing the service.. The CSA should pay tribute to him also in a very big way next May Day 2017...


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