Yves Lewis – Never too late to realise your dreams

Yves Lewis – Never too late to realise your dreams

(PRESS RELEASE) – Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artiste and a son of the soil, hails from the community of Paix Bouche, Babboneau in Saint Lucia.

Before migrating to the USA, he formed a band called ‘Nature’ with his friends Semi Francis, Bernard Francis and Henry Dumard. Yves assumed the role of Manager of the band as he always felt that he was not good enough to be a muscian or a singer, even though, that was his passion.

He resided in Boston, Massachusets for many years where he operated and owned WildCubby Music LLC Record Label. He had by then successfully signed up artistes and in total recorded and produced 11 albums totalling 49 songs. He was pretty successful untill the advent of computers which facillitated the burning and ‘pirating’ of CDs. He therefore made a decision to end the recording business and returned home to Saint Lucia in 2006. On returning, he started up a Real Estate and construction business but always wrote songs in his spare time.

On returning to Boston 10 years later, he experienced what he says “was something of a music epiphany”. After all these years of managing and recording other people’s music, he decided to record his own compositions. He felt that he had to prove that ”age is not a deterrent and that dreams can come true”. So all this pent up musical energy culimnated in a Reggae album titled ‘Dreams are for Living’, which was compiled of 14 tracks of Lovers Rock Reggae and Light Dancehall songs from the heart.

He spent the whole of 2018 exploring multiple genres of music that he grew up listening to. In 2019, He wrote, recorded and released seven singles in four genres – Soca, Zouk, Reggae and Country and Western and is ready in 2020 to bring his music to the world.

Yves is visiting his hometown on vacation and has decided to release one of his singles titled ‘Baby Just Hold On Tight’ with the video of the same title, in the Country & Western genre, a genre which has come to be very popular in Saint Lucia, with the hope that the public would get to take a listen and appreciate it for the good song that it is. This song was produced by another son of the soil, Christopher Neil of ‘Big as Life Studio.’

His first release on Youtube which has received 7.5k likes so far, is ‘I am in Love with the Music”, a reggae dancehall mix and the second is ‘Baby Just Hold on Tight’, the Country & Western track receiving the same amount of love.

Yves Lewis is making up for wasted time and proving that “its never too late to realise your dreams”.


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