YPG Saint Lucia with a mission

YPG Saint Lucia with a mission

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Youth Power Group (YPG Saint Lucia), took the two days of holidays together with the wards from the Boys Training Centre and more than two hundreds youths to learn more about God and how they could help more youth in the country.

Given the opportunity they played video games, board game, dominoes, sang along to karaoke and watched an inspirational movie. Delicious foods were served totally free. A word of encouragement was delivered and the youth took a moment to pray for the country.

“The situation of the youth in the country is unbearable and the Youth Power Group is taking each opportunity to help them to change.” – said the coordinator of the YPG Saint Lucia, Pastor William

The Youth Power Group has been recognized by the Youth and Sport Council as the Most Outstanding Youth Organization in the country and the most active group in Saint Lucia because of their weekly dedication of their skills, resources, talents and time to help someone or an organization.

The YPG Saint Lucia needs your support and if you like our work, call or Whatsapp us at: #717-2531


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