YPG Saint Lucia visits the elderly home

YPG Saint Lucia visits the elderly home

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Youth Power Group together with some of its members and the evangelization group of the Universal Church went to St Lucy’s Home and donate toiletries on Sunday 1st July, 2018.

A word of encouragement was given by Pastor Fernando the coordinator of the and bowls of soup were shared with the elderly. This event was culminated with pictures and videos being taken and finally a word of prayer.

“We spent some time with them talking and sharing experiences” said Pastor Williams the coordinator of the Youth Power Group in Saint Lucia.

The male residents were eager to share their Sunday Chinese movie while the females recount their younger days and their contributions to St. Lucia. .

In a society where the value and respect has been lost the initiative is to bring connection between the youth and the elderly. The YPG Saint Lucia plans to visit other elderly homes to motivate the young people to build up a sense of respect, community spirit and love for others.

The Youth Power Group (YPG Saint Lucia) ask the public and other youth organizations to create activities whereby the young people can interact with the elderly and therefore, instilling such crucial values as respect for the most vulnerable group of St. Lucia.


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