YPG Saint Lucia: The benefits of youth programs and sports against crime

YPG Saint Lucia: The benefits of youth programs and sports against crime

(PRESS RELEASE) – Various psychological studies reveal that delinquent youth often encourage their peers’ behaviors and almost always end up in juvenile detention centres, group homes, or in trouble with the law.

Starting down this path is dangerous, and patterns of antisocial and dangerous behaviors can be difficult to break.

Children and young adults need guidance and boundaries to grow up to be law-abiding and productive members of society, and youth programs and team sports can offer some much-needed structure in the lives of many at-risk youths.

Parents of children who have displayed destructive behaviors benefit greatly by exploring the youth programs the city or other organizations offer in their area. Finding a program like these not only helps parents determine their children’s unique risk factors, but it also helps them explore a wide variety of new parenting skills, coping techniques, and new ways to engage their children in constructive ways.


Parents – no matter how hard they try – can’t always control their children, nor can they keep their kids busy during all the hours of the day. Instead of finding other kids who are perhaps looking for trouble, youth programs and sports initiatives keep these at-risk children busy, productive, and happy.

Youth programs that offer support at home are incredibly valuable and can help families with at-risk children learn to overcome their difficulties and teach parents to develop stronger parenting skills. Many of these programs also offer family, behavioral, and cognitive therapies geared toward the needs of teens and young adults. While kids learn how to interact with their families and peers in positive, constructive ways, their parents learn how to recognize the gaps in their parenting techniques and learn new coping skills and how to set acceptable boundaries.


Many youth programs, especially team sports, exist to foster camaraderie and teamwork in at-risk youths. Kids and teens who participate in sports and group-oriented youth programs learn to diffuse conflicts using constructive methods, handle emotional distress in healthy ways, and grow more accustomed to working with others toward common goals. Ideally, youth groups and team sports encourage groups of friends to join and participate together, reducing the risk of negative influences.

Children and teens require stimulation and engagement to prevent them from exploring dangerous and criminal activities. When kids don’t have constructive activities, hobbies, or social events in which to participate, they are far more likely to engage in reckless behavior that could quickly escalate into criminal acts. Sports offer at-risk youths outlets for their energy and the opportunity to develop personal goals.

Building self-esteem, accountability, and personal responsibility are crucial in these programs, and these are inherent lessons of team sports. Many at-risk youths fall into trouble with the law due to the influences from their friends, so by encouraging groups of friends to participate in youth activities with each other, the chance they will spur one another into illegal activity diminishes.


Most youth programs geared toward keeping kids out of trouble conduct individualized assessments of each child who participates in their programs and activities. These assessments can help parents and guardians understand the unique risk factors for their children and devise constructive outlets for their energy. It’s important to address high-risk behavior as early as possible. Children and teens who become involved with criminal activity or who do not have healthy outlets for their energy are far more likely to suffer serious injuries or even death from criminal acts and wind up entrenched in a life of legal turmoil.

Look into the youth programs and sports options available in your area. Every child is different, so you may want to take your time and try several programs to find the best fit for your child.

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