Youth unemployment remains high

Youth unemployment remains high


Unemployment is one of the major issues that continue to affect Saint Lucia, and despite efforts to curb this problem, youth employment remains the highest.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony provided brief statistics on the employment situation on the island, while revealing that youth unemployment elevated to an estimated 44.0 percent.

Dr. Anthony said this is a reflection of underlying structural impediments of the labour market and the education system.

“Clearly, we have a long way to go, but I am relieved that we are beginning to see a gradual reduction in unemployment as I had predicted some time ago,” he explained.

But while youth unemployment continues to a major issue, the Prime Minister said that the overall rate of unemployment fell from 25.0 percent in the second quarter to 23.5 percent in the third quarter of 2015.

“In this period, the Department estimated that over 3,000 persons gained employment,” he stated.

According to him, these latest employment figures produced by the Department of Statistics provide cause for optimism.

The Prime Minister was heavily criticized for not producing these figures in his 2015 address.


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  1. It is evident that yes there is a huge cohort of youth unemployment, however is this the time to bring up political differences?

    Is it only in St Lucia that unemployment is so high? There are a number of factors that come into play here.

    Primarily I will start with the household and education system which promotes that youth focus strictly on book knowledge rather than augment their technical skills and teach them to be industrious and self sufficient.

    As a result of the proverbial box that the average youth grew up, their ambitions are sometimes misguided, they place limitations on themselves and uphold a concept of finding a job which will solve all their problems and therefore remain working there for a number of years without trying to advance themselves.

    How can you help someone that doesn't want to help themselves? Everyone always knows whats best for the country politically but how many truly wants to see the development of the people which makes up the country?

    Politicians come and go yet the game is the same. It is time for us to open our eyes. Those who are not privy to the history of mental enslavement are doomed to repeat it or subjected by it. There are many great things which came as a result of either party, yet all "we" as a people see is the superficial.

    Currently the NICE project office although it is slandered by many in opposition to this current government has been improving the lives of many with the many small initiatives aimed at development and employment.

    I am not advocating politics right now but i am just drawing attention away from the myopic views that "we" are accustomed to having.

    As adults when there is something good happening it does not detract anything from ourselves to admit it. Instead let us contribute to St Lucia and not politics. If you are not part of the solution then you are definitely part of the problem.


  2. The CHOPPING RATE and the attendant murder rate of the past year is ample evidence that SLP's bankruptcy of ideas to resolve our unemployment issues is a NATIONAL AND SOCIAL DISASTER.

    The report, so-called, but really a declaration of FAILURES does reveal growth of the problem. Growth? That is growth.

    This leaves little hope that SLP, from top to bottom has anything but hopeless faith in constantly shooting their pollyanna crap, each opportunity that presents itself. Woe betides the fools who still drink loads of that SLP Kool Aid called better days.

    Next time around, put these very boring and tired jokers to pasture. Whenever did the growth and the scourge of youth unemployment become indicators of better days?


  3. Goodness gracious. This man continues to spill alleged untruths. ",a result of structural impediments in the labour market and education system" weh mayseay. So what have you done about those structural impediments??

    Nothing Kenny that's it. Nothing.....just make it more difficult for business to hire workers so get lost you communistic autocrat.


  4. How the statisticians measure unemployment colours or massages the numbers to suit governments. Tell us how they measured the unemployment figure. This is very much OR EVEN MORE IMPORTANT than the our numbers alone. There is just too much deceit being done from all quarters in this country. Too much!


    • Short answer? On a plane. De plane! De plane! Almost always at an airport to sign the poor natives away as second class citizens and as economic slaves.

      Like Compton, that one does not know anything about structural adjustment and far less how to do it. Two terms. Two terms in office but he is complaining about labour adjustment. Who had the most greatest and most opportunity to make these adjustment? George F. L. Charles?

      Wake up people. Stop drinking that Kool Aid.


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