Youth transformed by sports

Youth transformed by sports

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Youth Power Group always believed that sports can change lives once we know how to work with it.

We recognized the need to occupy the youths in the region and to make them aware of the work carried out by the Youth Power Group (YPG Saint Lucia). After Sunday meetings, the youths are always motivated to play football and listen to a word of encouragement and strength.

“I got to know about the YPG Saint Lucia through a friend that invited me to play football with the group. After that I liked the vibes and I remained until today. I now work to motivate other youths and I am happy to see them transformed through the involvement of football. My life has changed. I don’t smoke and drink anymore and I have peace within myself” – said Yanic Charles, responsible for sports at the YPG

The Youth Power Group is working very hard in order to see the number of youths growing each day and throught this work see their changes because it is the most important. At the end of each game, a special prayer is always made with those present.

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