Youth to debate renewable energy as the way forward for Saint Lucia

Youth to debate renewable energy as the way forward for Saint Lucia

davicPRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, as part of its mandate to achieve 35% of electricity production from renewable energy sources by the year 2020, and a reduction of 20% in electricity consumption in the public sector is continuing its efforts at sustained public education and awareness strategies for sustainable energy.

In light thereof, a youth debate is scheduled for Wednesday November 18th, 2015 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Lecture Theatre.

The main aim of the debate is to engage the youth in the national discourse on the way forward for the energy sector in Saint Lucia. The participants will be students from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and they will debate the topic “Renewable Energy Technology is too Costly and Inefficient to be a True Alternative to Fossil Fuels”.


Energy Officer Ms. Benise Joseph said “the Ministry expects a debate of high standards among the students”. She added that “the youth have an important voice as the country`s continues to pursue a sustainable energy future and their views are important as we move forward in advancing the process of transformation”.

The Youth Debate is a major outreach activity for the Ministry as part of its ongoing Energy Awareness Week commemorative activities. This activity is supported by the Saint Lucia National Youth Council and the CARICOM Secretariat. It is also timely and relevant as it will highlight the benefits, opportunities and ongoing initiatives in the field of sustainable energy to the nation`s youth while engaging them in the transformation of the country`s energy sector.


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