Youth Power Group invites public to Foot Show football tournament

Youth Power Group invites public to Foot Show football tournament

bdfafa8d-336c-401a-9c06-6fd53f60f9bbPRESS RELEASE – The youth power group invites you all to a foot show on January 30th 2016. foot show is a football tournament imitative of the YPG UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB.

The Club Originates from the Youth Power Group (YPG) in Castries. FOOTSHOW is a monthly event design to provide opportunity for young budding footballers to develop and show off their talents in an environment that fosters participation.

Through FOOT SHOW many community leaders will find an avenue of interest to engage young people, both students an unattached youth, meaningfully on weekends in particular, in preparation for the event. FOOTSHOW will provide an avenue for leaders of youth groups to collaborate and share information as it relates to matters of youth development.

Additionally, FOOTSHOW will provide a structure for and generate the interest of the young people to participate and explore their potential.

FOOTSHOW will create an avenue to show case the positive engagement of youth thereby attracting deserved exposure, incentives and rewards.

Above all, FOOTSHOW will also provide the transparency and structure, corporate and private citizens alike would require in order to make meaningful investment in the lives of youth, especially young males. It will eventually unveil the hidden problems that many children and youth endure on a daily basis. Thereby, providing much needed support for those who are burdened, psychologically and domestically, by their circumstances.

FOOTSHOW is especially intended to rescue the young males in society who are vulnerable and at risk of countless social ills. Through FOOTSHOW they can find a positive alternative to the negative indulgencies that cut their lives short. You can contact kenier Barthelmy or Clinton Pierre on 2875945 or 714-0130 for more information.


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