Youth for the youth

Youth for the youth


More than ever before, St. Lucia needs a government which will foster national unity and seriously address the many crises plaguing our country.

At the top of Government’s agenda must be youth unemployment and offenses against children.

At present, half of all young St. Lucians cannot find employment. Parents struggle to provide them with basic needs. For some, an education has become a luxury.

This situation has resulted in malnourished children, child prostitution and an uneducated, unskilled generation.

A government formed by the youth, for the youth will put an end to all forms of child neglect and abuse. History must not be allowed to repeat itself any longer.

St. Lucia’s youth must ensure that they are well represented in the next Government.


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  1. Why can't the government ask every person in business why they can't employ more people.
    They business will say. My goods are just sitting there no one is comming for them.
    Why is this PLp can't afford. Why is this because items are quite cheap, the taxation on some items wow. Look at the costs of something landed in stlucia vs getting it off the dock. So many little charges.
    1. The container has slaspa fees
    2.over time for dock stlucia air and sea ports
    3. Customs charge 225
    4. Service charge
    5. Duty
    6. Refundable vat
    7. Vet fees if meat
    8. Customs offer transportation fee
    9. Trucking fee
    10.merchant markup and profit
    11.Then vat
    12. Currency exchange rate. 2.7169 Amazon rate 2.8xxx

    And the cost of opening your doors for business. Merchants markup
    Rent, luclec, accounting fees, incompetent workers, security, vat on rent, Castries city council tax if you own your business. Water, telephone, facilities for staff, nice for staff, a company car very expensive, fuel for car.

    Then you have theft, damaged goods and goods that PLp don't want ( dead stock)

    With all these factors the cost of the goods have to double or triple.

    Second hand car us2000
    New car us 15,000
    French fries us9.00 per case
    A Samsung 6 phone us 329
    Most canned goods in supermarket us. 99c
    Work boots us79

    The government needs to address this. All these little charges compound and you get corn flakes for ec26 cars for ec150,000 work boots for ec500


  2. Interesting statement ,..huh like you noted,''history must not repeat it self'' shows evidence that this stemmed from the previous ruling party aswell as the current . Lol lol so what say you? ... Chupse .
    Poverty child prostitution and an uneducated, unskilled generation has been there for more than 10 years... so what is your point!!!! Is the current administration responsible?

    Umm twisting your writing,, thank you for letting us know that history still didnt record a positive Outlook on the past political party. Stop screaming the sound which echo from the past and do something !!!!!!!!


  3. Only Kenny and his cronies have to eat. Kenny taking care of his own and to hell with all lucians. Look Hilaire finish one contract paying him how much money and he already have a new job Kenny make just for him paying more money, when yall finish y'all ready to kill each other over politics when these politicians just taking y'all for pappy show an looking out only for themself!


  4. it will be the same thing.... no money no jobs no nothing.... these politicans think they can fool the people we just need you all to come together and work together its not a fight against each other we are all in this and it will take a community even global approach ..... I think people aren`t realizing that things are changing drasticly and we are set in our single minded ways that one person can come up with the answer.... unfortunately not no politican no one leader can work this one out....... we alll got to come up with the answer and start changing our attitudes ways and start respecting the planet, each other...........


  5. I like you Dr. Matthew, I really do but these half cooked press releases have got to stop. Please, these one paragraph, simplistic, unintelligent, bereft of any substance do not do you any justice. Give me statistics to back up your assertions, then give solutions. Give me in-depth discourse to show that you have done your research. You're just giving broad generalizations, with no substance or solutions. This is typical of Flambeau politicians. Full on rhetoric, and cliche lacking on substance and statistics. Please do better.


  6. More women and youth has jobs today, compare to years ago. But every time you hear 'no jobs' and people struggling. It's never enough for the youth of today. They are better off than we was, and they are always asking for more. They don't know what struggle is.


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