Youth for change at Bocage

Youth for change at Bocage
Launch of “Be the Change” project and celebration of 3rd anniversary
Launch of “Be the Change” project and celebration of its 3rd anniversary.

The Youth for Change students at the Bocage Secondary School have fully embraced the RBC young leaders’ project.

The project entitled “Be the Change” is the essence of this group’s purpose. They have over the past three years adopted this slogan “Be the Change You Wish to See- Youth for Change at Bocage”.

The RBC project simply became a catalyst for a more vibrant campaign towards change.

The mission of this group is to promote a supportive school climate where positive norms are adopted coupled with instilling developmental assets in students to help foster caring relationships amongst everyone in the school. Hence, their vision is to empower students to improve the schools climate.

The club has a population of about 120 students who are actively engaged in making a difference.

Being the change starts from within and by starting with workshops that promote leadership skills and inspire character development, students are encouraged to be the assertive individuals who take action. This inner change and transformation reflects in the many activities that nurture well-being at the school.

The students have put in a flower garden, painted classrooms and washrooms. They have also posted positive messages around the school and have encouraged the rest of the student body to respect the school’s identity. “Be the Change” means that change comes from within and recently as they hosted their parents at the school in what they called “ An Evening of Believing ~ Living the Change – the Endless possibilities” they shared this with those who supported them.

Garden Project

The enthusiasm of every student demonstrated passion, eagerness and interest in what they did and are doing, coupled with much excitement about what is to come.



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  1. Very good job by the students of the Bocage Secondary School. It is encouraging to see positive things coming out of one of our nations Secondary Schools. Indeed congratulations and good luck... I hope the authorities embrace this group of students, especially as this school is not amongst the most popular.


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