Youth Fest Award Ceremony

Youth Fest Award Ceremony

As Saint Lucia’s growing creative industry plays more of a role in the island’s economic sector, several young artists were recognised for their talents and contributions at the Youth Fest Award ceremony.

The award ceremony held under the theme ‘Better than the rest’ was an attempt to prepare young local artistes for the international stage.

Former participant of Youth Fest Flora Jessy Leonce delievered a report on the success of the most recent Youth Fest.

“This 9th annual Youth Fest showcased the artistic talents of aspiring young Lucians in the areas of singing dancing and modelling. Youth Fest featured renditions in the genres of gospel, dance, reggae, some rap, hip hop and R &B. Youth Fest also provided opportunities for artistes, communities, stakeholders and the business sector to develop viable linkages in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Saint Lucia South. Youth fest 2012 was able to raise  $10,000 for cancer awareness.”

Creative Arts Consultant for the 9th Youth Fest, Christopher Hunte, remarked on the potential of the creative industry within the island.

“People do not understand what creative industries is. Simply we write a song, that is culture, that is intellectual property, that is creative capital, and the point you want to make money from –  that is creative industries. A point where you can look at someone like Rihanna and say she affects the Gross Domestic Product of Barbados by what her exploits are. She is a tourism ambassador by what she does . These are economic models.”

Hunte noted that royalties and intellectual property have  growth potential as a viable sustainable economic sector.


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  1. Keep on singing Christopher HUnte, it ensures your bread remains buttered. Jobs for the boys. Creative industries my butt. More and more this country sounds like Haiti of some dictator-run third world state.


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