Youth arm of United Workers Party donates school items to underprivileged children

Youth arm of United Workers Party donates school items to underprivileged children

On Wednesday,  September 4, 2013, the youth arm of the United Workers Party (United Youth) hosted a small ceremony at the headquarters of the UWP where the youth presented parents and children with hampers containing various items intended to assist some youth as they return to school.

The contents of these hampers included school shoes, school bags, text books, notebooks, exercise books and an array of stationary. United Youth was also able to give each child a second hamper containing snacks, juice, milk and bottled water.

The youth were able to obtain the items given to the children largely with the assistance of donations from the general public. With the public’s assistance, we were able to assist 21 children from across the island.

United Youth intends to make this an annual event and we wish to encourage all citizens of Saint Lucia to assist those who may be less privileged than ourselves if we are in a position to do so. We would like to extend most heartfelt gratitude to all the persons and business places including the following  for their support and for making this initiative a success.

Brown’s Poultry
Food Centre
Le Cadeau
Management and staff of Columbian Emeralds
Mr. Earl Lewis of Cosmopolitan Bar
C& T Boutique
Zuri Boutique
Mr. Biscette
Mr. El Paso
Ms. Gordon
Mr. Denbow
Ali Charles
Ti Max Business Supplies
Attorneys at law who donated and friends and supporters of the United Workers Party.

We would also like to thank the executive of the United Workers Party for their encouragement, and for giving us the avenue through which we as a group have the privilege and opportunity to encourage our youth and make a positive change in the lives of young persons in our country, Saint Lucia.


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  1. Sorry but why not, St.Lucia will always be politics, political parties run the election & form the government, want it or not for now we will always see yellow & red in our eyes in St.Lucia. So anything good or bad done by the sitting government will politics for the people.


  2. good job the youth arm of the unite workers party. unlike, the youth arm of the st.lucia labour party which does nothing.


  3. So proud of the youth group for taking such an initiative!

    Keep on doing great things!*United.Work.Progress*


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