“You’re salop to the core”

“You’re salop to the core”

Dear Willie: I am in a dilemma. My child’s father and I have been broken up for about a year and change now but I don’t think either of us can stay away from each other.

Could you imagine that I have been seeing this guy for about seven months now and I am still sleeping with my child’s father?

The thing is my child’s father still treats me like his woman even if he knows I am in a relationship, but the other guy treats me like a queen. I don’t know what to do. They both finance me, they both care.

My current boyfriend has no idea that I am still intimate with my daughter’s father. What should I do?  Keep doing what am doing or break it off with my child’s father? Note my daughter knows nothing about my current boyfriend.

Dear Miss: You’re salop to the core. Though your daughter knows nothing about this, what kind of example are you setting for her? It seems like the sex is what’s keeping you glued to your ex. And the money is what’s keeping you entangled in this mess.

Your boyfriend treats you like a queen yet you still cheat on him. You do not love your current boyfriend. Trust me, you don’t.

I won’t tell you what to do. But ask yourself these questions: who do have feelings for the most? Who treats you better? Why did you break up with your ex? If he was so good, why did you break up with him? What attracted you to your current boyfriend? Once you answer those questions, you should have a clearer idea of what to do.

In the meantime, take a break from the salop life and think carefully about what and who you want.

Good luck.


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  1. I work in healthcare and I have seen people die from reckless sexual behavior. Forget about the cash my dear - what about the risk with your life. You have a child do right for yourself and be careful. Don't let money fool you---it's not worth the risk.


  2. samluv,we as women should respect our body and not cut ourself shot,i think she is lazy and want to depend on these men for money'i agree with willie she is salop.not because a man sleep around that we as woman should do the same,please ladies respect you private parts.


  3. Baby girl indeed you are salop and confuse an caught between da two make a decision now before its too late.


  4. He he Salop.....!!!!!! willie big up f. K.Wht dem say ....n a dem y c inna heels..first to judge a friends dem Closet full of skeleton ssss Rayyyyy ...


    • Yes it is disrespectful to be labeled "SAL-OP", but the thing is what is being manifested. Doing two guys. NOT COOL.
      Remind yourself why there was a break up in the first place. Maybe the breakup was not neutral?

      For me if a guy treats me bad and I no longer have feelings for him he will not get use of my body or get anything from me especially SEX . No amount of MONEY can make me want a man.
      I can only SEX a man who makes me feel like a COMPLETE Woman.

      Shit happens and the thing is you need to make a decision. Think hard you have a serious decision to make before you wreck all four of your life. Girl think of it no good will come out of it went this EXPLODES and it will. You will self destruct.


  5. Hunni ur ex is ur ex for a reason!!! Sex is really the issue here teach ur present guy the things u like in bed dont settle for being ur ex side chick


  6. my girl if ur x loved u just one bit he would be begging u to get back with him....so if he's not then try to end dat relationship with him n b loyal to ur current boyfriend n always remember xes normally wants to have secret sexual relationships with u....dat my opinion..buh if u love ur x n wants to give him a second chance go ahead.....eveveryone deserves a second chance if it's worth it,it work 4 me it might work 4 u..I wasn't in it situation,I left him n I gave him a second chance.....do what makes u happy.....


  7. continue to support women who do foolish things under the disguise that everybody sins. well judges shouldn't be deciding on cases and let everybody do their own judging.

    If it were a man in this situation we would be quick to admonish him and call him "dog and other defamatory names. from the earliest time we have softened the blame that we apportion to women. check the bible. although we have equal rights women have had the bigger equal share if you know what I mean. men are to be blame for this though since they were appointed as head of the household. Men in fact have abandoned their roles and gotten in touch with their feminity.


  8. Willie come on man,while i agree with some of your advice there was no need to be disrespectful to the writer.You should be a professional at all times man.

    As for the writer may god be with you


  9. Who the hell is Willie, to call the girl salap to the core? are u without sin Willie, well throw the first stone. This is exactly why she came to you in the first place for help.. I think she has a low self-esteem.. let us all give her positive remarks.. for all the women who are agreeing or call her names, are u saints? don't judge least we be judged...


  10. all of u all commenting this and that and some of u all do it at least she sees its wrong to do and she came out but alot of u guys still ... 3 sometimes 4 men to fit into society woman do whats best for you but remember u have a daughter to raise becarefull how u do your thing but think about it and let go of this ex man cause if he was good u wouldn't be his ex


  11. My girl try to save ur current relationship know ur worth he is ur ex for a reason and knowing he dont have a problem about f... you maybe you should do a little thinkin if he cared he would work it not with you let go and move on let it be about your child.