“You’re a dead man” – former Miss St. Lucia found guilty of hitting and threatening to kill policeman

“You’re a dead man” – former Miss St. Lucia found guilty of hitting and threatening to kill policeman

A former National Carnival Queen was today found guilty and sentenced by a magistrate for assaulting and threatening to order a hit on a police officer.

Patrika Evence, the 1999 Miss St. Lucia winner from Dennery, was not present in court and was therefore convicted in absentia.

Evence, currently a teacher, was slapped with a six-month custodial sentence for hitting an officer in the face with a piece of wood and a 1,000 fine for threatening to kill the said officer.

The trial proceeded today with the prosecution calling the two officers involved in the matter, Acting Coporal 542 Winters and SPC 109 Ezra Deterville, and investigating officer, Constable Richards.

Officer Deterville was the first to take the witness stand.

According to Deterville, on December 11, 2011, at about 10 pm at Caribbean Cocktails bar in Castries, the bar’s proprietor, known as JJ, instructed his staff not to serve Evence, who had attempted to order a drink.

Evence reportedly became agitated, and according to witness testimony, had an exchange of words with the proprietor, threw a drink in his face, and attempted to get behind the bar.

The court was told that two off-duty officers were on the scene and witnessed the entire incident.

Officer Winters prevented Evence from getting behind the bar and she turned around in anger.  Officer Deterville testified that it was at that time he intervened.

Deterville stated: “I noticed that the lady walked toward me in a very aggressive manner.  I stopped her and asked her to calm down.  I tried to get her away from the scene.  She took a piece of wood and knocked me on the left side of my face.”

Deterville said he then released her and heard her say: “You are a dead man”.

Deterville said he felt threatened and made a move towards Evence to place her under arrest, but was advised to refrain by the superior officer on the scene, Winters.

At this point, according to testimony by Winters, they were called away to a disturbance on Jeremie Street, nearby.

At about 11 pm, both witnesses claimed to have returned to the vicinity of Jn Baptiste Street where they had parked their vehicles, and once again encountered Evence.

Both officers claimed to have heard Evence say the following: “I ordered the hit already. You’re a dead man.”

Winters indicated that Evence was pointing to and addressing Deterville while she made the statement.

At that point the two officers arrested Evence and enlisted the assistance of a nearby G4S security vehicle to transport her to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) where they made a formal report.

From there, the investigating officer, Constable Richards, stated that he interviewed Deterville and the witness.  He then informed Evence of the claims made against her and interviewed her.  To this, it is said that she replied, “I did not mean what I said.”

Richards further stated that he informed Evence that he had suitable grounds to believe that she had committed the offense of assault to the person of Ezra Deterville.

Prosecutor Dominic Leonty asked Richards in court today to explain what he meant by suitable grounds. Richards replied that he had observed Deterville to be suffering with pain, and had observed visible swelling on the left side of his face.

Evence has not shown up in court on several occasions and was tried in her absence.

To this end, Magistrate Charon Gardner found Evence guilty of one count of threatening word and one count of assault.

Evence is ordered to pay $1,000 or face four months in prison.  On the count of assault, Evence was issued a custodial sentence of six months.

In sentencing the defendant, Gardner stated that she believes the evidence of the witnesses’ was credible and precise.

A commitment warrant will be issued for Evence in the case of the $1,000 fine and a custodial warrant will also be issued in her name.


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  1. Sounds like a case of this narcissistic attitude of people - the "Don't you know who I am syndrome" In this case I WAS a beauty queen, and a teacher to add insult to injury. What is the Ministry of Education's opinion of this ?


  2. Some of you on here are saying the Officer didn't ID himself, though there were 3 of them. to solve this, all the former Miss St. Lucia had to do it show up in Court. But guess what, she didn't. Hmm, why is that? My common sense tells me is because she is GUILTY AS CHARGED.




  4. while i do not condone this kind of behaviour, i strongly believe that this decision was in my view very harsh. i have not heard the side of miss evance so im yet to understand what actually transpired. there are so many issues affecting us in this fair helen that the officers need to attend to, but no they are on poor people's back, if only her surname was........... god bless you child.


    • She had a chance to rebuff or tell her side. But guess what, she never showed up to Court. Yep, that's the sign of someone who is innocent.


  5. People, please don't kill the messenger. If Ms Evans was present to give her version of the events, who knows what the outcome would have been. That fact is that she never appeared in court in her own defense.

    Whether we are innocent or guilty of a crime, we need to provide the courts an opportunity to do it's work. When we refuse to do so, we are obligated to accept the outcomes.

    Further more, the fact is that her action were reprehensible, considering her current and former position in this society. She further exacerbated the situation by not appearing. The Magistrate in this case was forced to act in this manner. I for one say that she got what she deserved for both her actions on the day and her actions following the incident. If she is innocent, why did she never appear to answer the charges?

    This case has been going for almost a year a year. Then we all complain about the slowness of justice. It could have been over long ago! I am sure she was served to attend.

    So please let us also consider the court's side of this story.


    • This is our problem in this country. Reporters are all about sensationalism, they never take their time to INVESTIGATE before reporting. I have no problem with the facts after all this is what we should use to MAKE GOOD DECISIONS on.
      HEARSAY seems to be the basis on which we as Saint Lucians form opinions.
      Before reporting on what is said in court, and before BELIEVING that everything we hear in court is ACCURATE questions need to be asked.
      In my personal experience, people LIE the most under oath and when they want to make an impression whether good or bad.
      This reporter did not do her home work and was guilable enough to believe everything she heard especially from cops who should be upholding the law but we all know differently.


      • ADMIN: Respectfully, you're talking out of emotion. The reporter's job is to cover court cases. Had Ms. Evence been in court, and made her testimony, her side of the story would have been covered. In fact, after the case was COMPLETED by the court system and found ms. Evence GUILTY, our reporter attempted to reach Ms. Evence but was told she is NOT on St. Lucia. Our reporter did not find Ms. Evence GUILTY, the court system did. Our duty is to report on proceedings of the court as allowed by the law. In the future, Ms. Evence should turn up at trial and defend herself. Otherwise, hold your peace.


      • Rose King, how is your lil world treating you? You must be the only resident there i guess.


  6. Fishy, fishy fishy! Where was the doctor's report from the officer? If you were slapped with a piece of wood you have to present the court with the Doctors report. She was arrested, so she has a statement there was it read in open court?


  7. oh please, 2 off duty police officers "were called away to a disturbance on Jeremie Street", out of all the officers in castries two off duty officers were called. wow this story has so many loopholes and a judge/magistrate "stated that she believes the evidence of the witnesses’ was credible and precise". come on u don't need to be a lawyer to know that those officers weren't telling the truth. nowhere in their statement did they claim to have identified themselves or flashed a badge. something smells very fishy if u ask me, hmmmmmmmm


    • Deterville said he felt threatened and made a move towards Evence to place her under arrest, but was advised to refrain by the superior officer on the scene, Winters.


  8. This story has missing sides. Makes no sense. Police officers in stl like to abuse their rights. Why would the woman hit you if thats all you did? Bag of bs!




  10. The reporter needs to let us hear the facts cause this sound more like police corruption and lies to cover the acts of the caribbean cocktail bar owner, secondly they need to respect her name is Miss P L Evence not Evans
    So this was the statement that was given from the so called officer they should pay more attention to his make up story and to make maters worse she did not give her statement at the courts so this stories does not intrigue moi.


  11. Did the police officer identify himself?Nowhere in this story does it say this,it says he was an off duty police officer!


    • "Deterville said he felt threatened and made a move towards Evence to place her under arrest, but was advised to refrain by the superior officer on the scene, Winters" - I guess placing her under arrest does identify you as a Police Officer?


  12. Really?Doesn't she know that assaulting a police officer can award her 25 years in prison?We have to be careful what we utter from our mouths.She should count her lucky stars that's she is in St.LUcia and not elsewhere.Women let's respect ourselves so we can get respect in return.Question--Over a DRINK?Please get a drift of life.


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