Young St. Lucian performs at the UN as part of an International Musical Cast – Uniting Nations through music

Young St. Lucian performs at the UN as part of an International Musical Cast – Uniting Nations through music
Erland George

Young musicians from around the world, including St. Lucia, will be joining forces with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mikhail Gorbachev, acclaimed songwriter Cat Stevens and the United Nations to sing for a more sustainable and secure world in a major cultural performance being held 3 September 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Young Saint Lucian Erland George will be one of the 30 strong international cast performing in the show, titled “2050: The Future We Want”, which is based on the renowned Peace Child musical.

It will be performed in the 4,000 seat Assembly Hall at the Palais des Nations, United Nations Office at Geneva in honour of the 20th anniversary of President Gorbachev’s founding of Green Cross International, the nongovernmental organization responding to the inter related challenges of environmental degradation, insecurity and poverty.

The musical is being co-produced by Peace Child International and Green Cross International, with support from the Geneva based Simply Theatre Academy.

The performance will feature songs and music from Peace Child co‐founder David Gordon and his brother, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), and be performed by a 30 strong international cast aged from 18-26 years, backed by a choir of more than 100 people.

Even amongst such a huge international cast of experienced actors, singers and musicians, Erland’s talent has managed to take centre stage as he will be performing one of only three solo pieces in the entire musical called ‘I Believe’.

He is very excited and extremely honoured.  Erland is known for his talent locally in gospel music circles but this will be an international stage debut for this talented young man and also puts the spotlight on St. Lucian talent, which he is equally happy about.

Erland, also a vibrant youth activists, known for his association with the Caribbean Youth Environment Network, the National Youth Council and other youth groups, says that, “The 2050: The Future We Want musical could not have been performed at a more appropriate time”.

“The world is at a crossroads: do we continue down the path of environmental destruction as we extract more and more resources to power our economy? Or do we urgently take a new path, using already what we know now, to embrace sustainability, efficiency and innovation to create the Future We Want?”

The musical plot will take the audience on a journey back through time, from 2050 to now, and follow the cast forward as they demonstrate how they manage to resolve the critical challenges the world faces, including climate change, sustainability, poverty and security.

Alexander Likhotal, President of Green Cross International, says the organization wants to put on the musical that can clearly demonstrate, through the creative actions and insightful words of young people, how the world has reached a critical juncture, and that through real deeds we are still able to create a future capable of sustaining all people on Earth.

“We believe the musical will be the first time the challenges and solutions confronting the world have been brought to life on stage by youth. We are fortunate to have the support of Sharon Stone and Cat Stevens, plus the backing of the United Nations, to create this spectacular. But we want the musical to continue its life after the 3rd of September, so we will be making it available to schools, civil society organizations and all appropriate parties who may see it as an exciting way to try bring closer the future that we would want for generations to come.”

Intensive rehearsals started 18 August in Geneva, Switzerland, for the debut performance of the musical 2050: The Future We Want.

There will be a live feed of the show on September 3rd, 2013 so local and regional support can be given.  Erland’s ideal future would be one that’s “not threatened by environmental calamity and human catastrophe. One where the voice of peace will be present.”  He would like to thank the “Youth-In” program of the UNDP Office- Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, his family and friends for their full support in getting him to Geneva, to be part of this life-changing experience.


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