Young people to benefit from career guidance services

Young people to benefit from career guidance services

Tuesday 13, November, 2012 – Efforts at promoting employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth was established here recently as the second phase of the Caribbean Youth Empowerment Program CYEP was launched.

This programme is aimed at equipping the highly vulnerable youth with the necessary entrepreneurship and career guidance services, in an effort to develop sustainable livelihoods.

Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security, Honourable Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, expressed appreciation to his Cabinet colleagues and generally the people of Saint Lucia for ensuring that the implementation of this programme becomes a reality.

“It is not about hand outs; it is about extending a helping hand. It seeks to help to start the climb to the mountain top, but only if you are willing to climb the rest. This is not going to come easy; it is not going to come without discipline, determination, dedication and a passion to be independent, to be your own person. I am aware that the emphasis in this new era is on working smart, but however, working hard is still necessary.

“Young people, this programme is about three things: pointing you in the right direction; giving you the drive to get on your way; arming you with the skills to achieve what you want in life. This program is also about sustainable livelihood; getting young people who have been given a tough luck in life a second chance, a rebirth, and a possibility to succeed in their own country, in their own community and indeed in this world. This is what I believe our young people so desperately want; a chance, an opportunity.”

In addition, the business community is urged to recognize the value of the programme and to consider providing support and participation, as they seek to empower the nation’s youth.

With partnership from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and International Youth Foundation – IYF, the Government of Saint Lucia is hoping to reach an additional 1,100 youth, as well as strengthening partnerships with the public and private sectors.


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