Young people encouraged to value education

Young people encouraged to value education

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D Anthony is encouraging parents and guardians to teach their children the universal language of love in their quest for academic success.

Hundreds of sixth-graders learned their fate on Wednesday, July 10 , 2013 after receiving their Common Entrance results which indicates placement of students at secondary schools.

Speaking at the Plain View Combined School’s 2013 Graduation, Prime Minister Anthony urged parents to support their children and instill in them good moral values.

“Parents whatever you can do to educate your children do it. Whatever you can put aside to educate them do it, and if you can avoid buying a mobile phone and put that money into your children’s education do it because it is the most valuable investment that you can make. In your children you may have a genius and you do not know it, and I know parents will tell me things are hard. I know things are hard and there are parents who are not working and things are tough, but even in all the toughness,  parents whatever you can do for your children’s education do it,” the country’s leader stated.

Prime Minister Anthony, a former minister of education from December 1980 to March 1981, said the attainment of a good education will position the nation’s youth to be world class citizens.

In this regard, Dr Anthony advises the nation’s youth to value education.

“It is boring sometimes, and I know students you sit in classrooms and the teachers may sound boring and you rather go to sleep and wish the school day would end so you can get home, but valuing your time at school is going to be key; that was my key because no one had the chance or the means to pay for me to go to university. I survived my entire life on scholarships, and to get those scholarships I just had to be the best at what I did, but that is key and today I am who I am because of the investment my mother made in me and the education that I have, and so I urge students to make good use of education in whatever you do,” Dr. Anthony explained.

The prime minister said for its part, government’s policy will continue to focus on revolutionising the education sector in an effort to build a modern education system that teaches youth to think critically, solve problems, apply their knowledge, communicate effectively, develop emotional intelligence, and to be able to resolve conflicts peacefully.


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