Young man stabbed at Vieux Fort night club

Young man stabbed at Vieux Fort night club
Joseph recovering.
Joseph recovering.

A 20-year-old Vieux Fort man underwent emergency surgery Tuesday morning (Jan.3) after he was stabbed at a popular beach bar/night club, just outside the town, relatives have disclosed.

McGelan Joseph of Lewis Street, Vieux Fort is currently in serious but stable condition at St. Jude Hospital, relatives say.

Mina Joseph told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that her brother was attacked by two known males while dancing on the stage inside Coastline, Sandy Beach. The incident occurred after 2 a.m.

Mina said based on the reports she gathered, her brother had no problems with the perpetrators. She believed he was attacked because of whom he was associated with.

She said her brother was at the club with friends who had a history with the attackers.

She went on to say that the stab wounds to her brother’s intestine caused internal bleeding, but the four-hour surgery was successful.

At least one person have been arrested, she said.




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  1. I have always wondered why no activity initiated in Vieux-Fort ever lasts.
    Vieux Fort is a place with immense potential but with a lot of intelligent youngsters with zero ambition and who are simply followers.
    Look at Laborie how it is so different. Boils down to the mentality of the people. Laborians generally make things happen while Vieux-Fortians sit and blame everyone else. The young people in Vieux-Fort. No matter how DSH or DHS or whatever they bring to your constituency if the youngsters continue in this manner then no one will want to attend activities in our beautiful town


  2. Saint Lucia is in the hand of miss guided leaders no leadership you will have a states of slackness most of the killing I. Saint Lucia is senseless not reason the kill each other for looking too hard this is the norm . The prison system is too lacks bring back hanging if you want to take a life let the government take your life . Look at Syria that is war not stupid nonsense young men of Saint Lucia go to school get a decent education . Most educated people don't behave like thIs look at the way the behave from the sout of the island to the north a set of ignorant young men put down the Gun and pick up a trade work for your living leave the gang lifestyle the fighting for nothing just killing each other like flys sad stat of. Affairs .


  3. Meena Joseph urll quick to say he was not doin nun wen I was deh I saw everything ur bro started the trouble and dats not the first time ur bro and his Westside crew knocking de 2 fellas cuz dat night meena ur bro came right by the stage to look for his trouble bcuz one of the fellas was dancing wit a girl he came he push Dj r and gave him a slap then ur bro left by the stage and went to the back of the dance to the toilet wen I look again he came back wit his crew he pulled out a scissors and his friend pulled out a knife so wen I saw dat I wen to ur bro meena and I told him finish wit dat wat urll doin deh dat eh Makin sense de man tell me move my Mc deh and push me and went behind Dj r and his friend trying to stab dem so I still went and hold him and my bro hold his friend cuz both of dem was trying to stab the 2 fellas I was in the middle I started pushing dem sayin finish wit dat den meena bro tellin me oh how he get stab so I told him I warn u to finish wit dat but u still went ahead den I put him outside so meena eh try and make ur bro look innocent cuz he look for it bcuz Dj r and his friend cah walk the streets of vfort bcuz of ur bro and his crew cuz they always knocking dem that same nite ur bro got stab earlier on dat day at square in vfort at the back of the square ur bro and his crew tried to attack Dj r and his friend but some fellas behind the square put a stop to dem and earn dem to live the 2 fellas alone so meena stop Makin up stories cuz u knw how ur bro is not bcuz he get stab for u to say he was not doin this or was not doin dat and if I want I could serve de man witness cuz I saw everything ting and meena ur bro dat look for it so wen urll ready take de man to court and I will be his witness and tell ur bro wen he ready to kill me am waiting cuz dats wat he said dat same nite he have to kill me so tell him am waiting


    • We need more guys like you speaking out. Only then can we clean the streets. The authorities should recognise that the voices of those men in the center of the criminal village need to be heard when putting together crime fighting strategies. Engage them please...


  4. Is this a message to the priest and JJ who want to stop the DSH using the Sandy Beach (Coastline) with no evidence? Maybe it should have happened at the THE REEF to make them know that these young men are unemployed and the victim was a horseman.


  5. Young men, you'll killing the population when you'll kill each other, then there is no males left to continue the generation.please stop it each other.


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