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Young male hospitalised after alleged attempted suicide

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poison2STAFF REPORT – A teenager from the south of the island is battling for life after he allegedly drank a poisonous substance last night.

A relative of the 16-year-old told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the teen was admitted at St. Jude Hospital and his chances of survival are bleak.

“Doctor’s said he will die… They said he won’t survive. I don’t want to believe that…. I don’t know what’s his issue,” said the distraught relative, who promised to give more information later.

St. Lucia News Online will provide more information as it becomes available.

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  1. Very sad story

    • Only the strong survive. Life is not everyday an Assou Square. Learn to live within your means. Don't copy the older ones in society who think that life is just everyday having fun and games with several women, making hungry children and drinking beer.

  2. Smh at em comments. Only God knows what he was going through and it's not our role to judge. Why don't we pray for him or mind our business!?

  3. No one truly notices or understands the difficulty others go through. Who are you to point a finger and play a blame game. A child is at a hospital suffering for a mistake he or she should not have done but instead we help or try to support, we are quick to point a finger and say it's because of this and because of that.

    It's because of US...we have made life so difficult to live in...we have made it so difficult for our children to grow up being who they want to be...instead we created war. The war isn't a physical battle..its who has a better phone, a better house, a better family.

    Me Best wishes goes out to this young man and may he be a living miracle to change how this life and society has become.

    We all have made mistakes, others do correct their mistakes easy and some struggle.

    • I totally agree..I know this teenager personally and this child has been through so much...I will leave it as it...Some people are so quick to bash..They dont know half of what this child been thru...

  4. This young man lost his mother less than 3 yrs ago living him an younger siblings... Thou he may have had a roof over his head, food to eat or clothing that does not fill that empty space... some of those comments are so insensitive, Not getting the love he needed, always getting into mishaps caused by pair pressure.. as a young mother I can say society is very wicked to our kids an for a child to lose his or her mother at an early age, he or she have to be very very strong minded to make it out of the struggles successfully.. my prayers goes out to him an I really wish he would pull through ??

  5. Condoms are cheaper than children.

    Saint Lucian men stop screwing around like ram goats.

    Women stop giving birth to the ram goat sperm donours. as insurance policies for your old age. Those sperm donours would care less about the results of their sperm donations. You are being used. They cannot feed, clothe or house them.

    We have had generation upon generation, some very sick and demented males, at all levels in this society who do all their thinking with just that one part of their anatomies that rises below their necks. Our women never learn.

  6. I totally agree what problem would a 16 year old have to even think of drinking poison. You still under a roof, not paying rent, you eating, and drinking, sleeping. And you talking about stress. I don't agree at all. That child need prayers.

    • You'd be surprised how much stress children undergo. How do you kknow whether or not that child is really eating or drinking. We as adults ignore the problems that youth face which are REAL problems especially when that young person lives in a broken home. The problem of suicide will never be solved until we get to the root of the matter. We need to stop downplaying the fact that young people do have stress and don't always know how to cope with it. May God come to his rescue.

    • I disagree with you that fact that you said the child don't have ANY responsibility. Some parentspecial have favoritism in the house on everything is on the one they don't like. Let's look at the pressure. Once upon a time I was like him. Put yourself in his shoes and will no. The popo should question the parents

    • You sound extremely extremely ignorant. Depression and other mental issues do not only affect adults who are stressed out. Additionally, you have no idea what this 16 year old was going through.

  7. Why are these poisons so readily and easily available for anyone to obtain, whether suicidal or not.

  8. Eagleyez, excuse me 16 years. What problems can he be baffling with so young.i believe that these youngsters should seek help from above. The LORD

    • He gay

      • Whether he was gay or not that's beside the point. This young kid might be going through thongs that you never thought a teenager would, and do you really understand depression? I don't think cuz you're being ridiculous at the moment.

      • Whether he was gay or not it is people like you who drive guys like him to commit suicide. Smh

    • Maybe you would understand if you took time to. Children and young adults sometimes can go through so much that we would stay jaw dropped.
      That's no excuse to take one's life...but if you only knew.
      You should consider that. Be a little more empathetic.
      He has relatives or someone who's hurting right now.

  9. Why is he batteling for his life when he wanted to die in the first place

    • That's quite an insensitive remark to post. If you understood depression and its effects you would refrain from making such statement.

      • Well said.... Human beings need to learn and choose to be empathetic. Children battle with 'childhood depressio. People let ignorance make them insentensive to issues we should be sensitive to.
        I pray that he not only lives after this but he thrives. I hope that young and older people who suffer from suicidal ideation can find peace and move on to help others.
        Remember not every soul on this earth loves.

    • Shut up you idiot!

    • First of the word is battling and do you know the situation which led him into doing it. You guys are quick to place judgement as much as he wanted to take his life he still has a spot on earth. A second chance at life is fair so he will learn how to deal with things differently...

      Thank you ignorant fool educate yourself and get info first before making such poposterous comment.

    • What a sad thing to say ..... you must be living a sad life


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