Young Jenai Joseph benefits from 26ft ramp access

Young Jenai Joseph benefits from 26ft ramp access
Jenai Joseph in her new wheel chair surrounded by her classmates and Digicel
Jenai Joseph in her new wheel chair surrounded by her classmates and Digicel

St. Lucia’s special needs community is receiving more assistance as the island’s leading telecommunications provider Digicel continues to fulfill and live up to its corporate social responsibility.

Digicel’s Caring Connections programme is a nationwide intervention thrust designed to lend tangible assistance to scores of individuals and families with special-needs.

Monchy Primary School, like many others, has a robust mix of enthusiastic young individuals who thirst for learning and knowledge. Students come from all walks of life enjoying the journey that is school. With the new academic year 2013 – 2014 opening, one young and bright female student received a very pleasant surprise from Digicel to help make her journey for the new school year literally be a smooth one.

Jenai Joseph a young lady entering grade 5, returned to school with some slight modifications made to the grounds of the learning institution. For better navigation around the school premises, Jenai, a special needs student, confined to a wheel chair, can now move easily to and from her classroom and the rest of the school with the construction of ramps and rails.

Digicel constructed these ramps because Jenai wanted her independence. She could not move around with ease and so Digicel came to her rescue. She additionally received a really big surprise as Digicel gave this bright student a brand new wheel chair as well.

“The wheel chair she now owns is a bit old because the tires are a bit worn out,” said Mrs. Jean, the principal of the Monchy Primary School. “I am so happy for Jenai as the new wheel chair and ramps built give per a bit more freedom around school.”

“People and the youth are at the core of all we do at Digicel,” says Marketing Manager Kerchelle Jn Charles. “We make the necessary interventions to demonstrate that, irrespective of whether they are able or differently-abled, to connect with them.”

Digicel continues to assist several non-profit organizations, individuals and groups who have demonstrated their commitment to improving the quality of life for persons with special needs.


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