Young entrepreneur soars to new heights in local drone services industry

Young entrepreneur soars to new heights in local drone services industry
Shamar Marcus
Shamar and his Phantom 3

Drones are one of the hot commodity items now as the availability of these flying machines have opened up new windows for many entrepreneurs both young and old.

The industry has swept across the world and it has encouraged a young St. Lucian entrepreneur to throw his hat into the ring of businesses vying for a share of the market.

Meet 18-y-o Shamar Marcus, founder of  Skycrew Aerial Photography and drone enthusiast. He took the popular flying machine and transformed it into a tool for showcasing St. Lucia’s beauty.

Shamar Marcus
Shamar Marcus

Shamar specializes in UAV videos showcasing anything ranging from the natural beauty of St. Lucia to events and parties including the welcome home event for star cricketer and St. Lucian native Darren Sammy. Shamar’s videos are complemented by photos of landscape and events that have become very popular on the web.

Oversea shot by Skycrew Aerial Photography

According to Shamar he got his drone as a gift last year:

“I actually got the drone form my aunt when I was in the United states last year summer and then thought of innovative uses to make money.” He said.

He then went into detail on how he learnt to fly and operate the system:

“I already knew how to fly because I have about 1000+ hours on Flight Simulator which really helped so when I’m in the field shooting I know how to maneuver the drone to get the epic shots.” He said.

Using his DJI Phantom 3 drone Shamar’s Sky Crew Aerial Photography offers aerial inspections, wedding shoots, real estate shoots along with aerial videography just to mention a few.

Though he is now working in the drone services industry, Shamar is interested in other areas of aviation:

“My dream was to become a commercial pilot but due to the cost of the programs or flight schools it could run somewhere between 250k and even higher which is very expensive for me to undergo”

He however loves his job of providing drone based services and hints that he might in the future reconsider becoming an airline pilot.

Shamar attended Saint Mary’s College and spent one year at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

More photos by Skycrew Aerial Photography
More photos by Skycrew Aerial Photography

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  1. Why can't you ignorant a**holes just be happy for the young man. He is not on the block smoking robbing people/houses/stores or committing crimes. He is making an honest days pay and y'all are going to come on here and bash him. So what wavemaker uses a drone to capture shots? The drone was not invented for them alone. So grow up and accept it. He is a young man doing something for himself. How many of y'all Lucian's can say y'all kids are out there being innovative? Y'all need to stop bringing people down and instead come together to uplift them.


    • Crabs in a barrel mentality smh.

      They will spend endless amounts of time discussing and partaking in all manner of ignorance and slackness. But as soon as someone wants to do something else a little more constructive, they want to argue that it's a waste of time.

      As you said drones aren't made for only 1 set of people. There may also be future applications that we are not even aware of at the moment. Let the young man get all his experience now.


  2. Big up I saw the idea on small business ideas online but did not have the money to buy a proper drone

    Keep it up


  3. First of all.

    There is nothing unique about this. Wavemaker photography has been doing this.

    Anybody can buy drones for 1200 us and do the same thing.

    Not sustainable.


  4. There have been quite a few near misses between drones and aircrafts, until recently one collided with an aircraft in decent to land. Fortunately though, damage was minimal. Their use must be regulated in order to protect not just airplanes but people's privacy. A drone hovering over your property could very well be video taping your business. Their use should be limited to catching criminals. Good to know we have expects to enable detectives to maintain them.


  5. I doubt 1000+ hours... c'mon that's over a year. Even if it is true, I have no words.. mweh mem.


  6. Please inderstand drones are dangerous for air traffic, st Lucia does not have the capability to cope with any airline disaster caused by drones.

    Stop copying first works things, you all want to eat the foods as first world citizens but you have no medical facility to deal with the medical problems associated with those foods.

    Lucians, stop copying.


  7. I would like to encourage this young man to continue what he is doing. It is progressive, however he has to understand that the flying of drones need serious regulations so that everyone is secured. I hope he anticipates that and adheres.



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