Young chefs cook “frog legs” on Jr Chef Factor

Young chefs cook “frog legs” on Jr Chef Factor

PRESS RELEASE –  On the heels of an exciting first episode, the Junior Chefs traded in the rustic Plant Grow Eat farm in Babonneau for the luxurious Cap Maison Resort in Cap Estate.

The challenge was to create a main course with frog legs and mango which left some of the contestants hopping around in a frenzy to create a quality dish.

After a shopping spree for all the ingredients needed for the next challenge at gl food marker, the official provisioning supplier of Jr Chefactor, the contestants were taken to the resort onboard the luxury SUVs from Trim Air Charter services.

Set atop a bluff an ocean front bluff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Cap Maison Resort & Spa is a five star boutique hotel offering ultra modern luxuries with two well known restaurants, “The Cliff at Cap” and “The Naked Fisherman”.

Although frog legs is a well known delicacy in France and Asia Pacific, the young chefs had never cooked or seen frog legs before and in the end, two very talented chefs Robert George and Aaron Pascal handed in their knives and aprons and went home.

According to Chef Craig, Executive Chef at Cap Maison and judge on panel for Jr Chefactor Caribbean, ‘the challenge wasn’t too harsh but really meant to get the young chefs out of their comfort zone and encourage them to create a dish with ingredients like frogs legs which is a delicacy’.

This was not their best week although Edna Butcher emerged with the winning dish of the night preparing a plantain gratin with frog legs dusted with local cocoa.

With the numbers almost slashed, what will the next mystery ingredient be? Who will see his or her Jr Chefactor journey end?

Find out who gets the chop on the next episode on Sunday November 16th at 7pm on Choice TV and every Sunday with repeat episodes every Thursdays at 10pm. Or simply catch it on


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  1. you don't even pay homage to the Young chefs who prepared the dish by even showing their faces;
    no Wonder you hear Guyana, bardados, Trinidad, jamaica etc all the time on an international level
    Where is st lucia again?
    pffff not me dat make it so, is just so it is lmao


  2. instead of explaining what frog legs are?
    dO you plan on rearing them in st lucia???
    otherwise why that 2 cents story make news, you backward jackasses
    get out of st lucia,,,you'd be surprised all the exotic shyte you can cook,,,
    never see never see SNO get crazy


  3. Atleast we know it's frog legs but when we go to the chinness restaurants we eating dog, and still licking our fingers!


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