Yohanz St. Marie injured in Balata shooting

By SNO Staff

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Twins Yohan St. Marie and Terhanz St. Marie were shot last year December. Terhanz died.

Yohanz St. Marie, the twin brother of Terhanz St. Marie who was shot and killed in December 2017, sustained a gunshot wound on Sunday afternoon, April 8, 2018, according to officials.

Yohanz was wounded in the hand at his home in Balata.

The circumstances surrounding the incident, that occurred around 4 p.m., was not immediately clear.

Yohanz was treated at hospital.

In the shooting that killed his brother last year, Yohanz sustained a gunshot wound to the leg.

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  1. Urll useless blabbering isn’t helping shit shut tf up n stop judging without knowing the situation

    • I thought some persons were on here last year saying he was the good twin?
      I’m wondering now who were the evil of the twin Lyle and Eric Menendez.

  2. Enough with this Yohanz, Terhanz St. Marie nonsense.
    Give your family some peace and if you’re in a hurry to join your brother, just GO.
    Stop being a menace to society.

  3. Kill dem all un done….we coming

  4. Father God…Why young Brothers playing with gun’s..like is Marbles,or Dice they have in their hands..Trouble seems to cannot evade some Brother’s…It buried in you’ll souls.BOY YOHANZ keep your BACKSIDE QUIET and at HOME.AND SOUGHT OUT YOUR FRIENDS..Damn.

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