YEAR IN REVIEW: Top news stories of 2015

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top news stories of 2015

CARIBBEAN: ‘Wine and Kotch’ singer J Capri has died


JAMAICA OBSERVER – Sources have confirmed that singjay J Capri, who was hospitalised for more than a week following a motor vehicle crash, has died.

Social media users on Twitter and Instagram are seemingly in disbelief as they await confirmation while others, including beauty queen Yendi Phillipps, have already started expressing condolences.

Phillipps, using her Instagram handle yendizzle, a short while ago posted a video of her dancing to J Capri’s popular song ‘Reverse it’, captioning it “Because I think she’s one of the most truly talented people dancehall music has seen in a long time…” adding “…I wish we got a little more time with you and your musical gift but I’ve learned to never ever question our creator.”

The 23-year-old, whose full name is Jordan Phillips, was on November 23 rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies and reportedly underwent surgery after suffering from what is said to be a fractured skull as well as brain damage.

An appeal went out for people to donate blood on her behalf.


Saint Lucian gov’t given deadline by British gov’t to act in Jufalli affair

MAIL ONLINE – It was either a move of extraordinary cunning, or fortuitous in the extreme.

Within months of receiving a demand from his ex-wife for a share of his £4billion fortune, Saudi tycoon Sheik Walid Juffali joined the obscure International Maritime Organisation as representative of the Caribbean island of St Lucia – gaining diplomatic immunity from any legal action in Britain.

It meant, of course, that his fortune was safe from his wife of 14 years, former calendar model Christina Estrada.

But now, the British Government has taken the highly unusual step of intervening on her behalf.

A senior British official has written to the St Lucian government demanding that the immunity be waived so London-based Ms Estrada can seek a divorce settlement.

Video of mother beating daughter for missing curfew goes viral 

A disturbing video that shows a mother beating her teenage daughter has gone viral.

The video is alleged to have been taken in Saint Lucia and was posted on the St. Lucians Aiming For Progress (SLAP) page.

It is alleged that the teen girl was expected to return home early, but did not obey her mother’s rule.

A large number of persons have since expressed their views on the matter.

One person said, “You guys may not be forward thinking enough to not want to abuse your children and you may call it tough love, but there must be better enforcement of the laws.”

“There should be educational seminars for young mothers. There has to be an agency that makes sure people like this get the punishment they deserve.”

UPDATED: Businesswoman and grandsons among four dead in Bexon Highway accident 


Four people, including a businesswoman and her grandsons, are dead after a truck (TK3817), heading in a southerly direction, ran off the road and crashed into a utility pole, overturned and burst into flames along the Bexon Highway at around 3 p.m. yesterday (Jan. 14).

The driver, 54-year-old Thomas Arthur of Deglos, Castries, and his girlfriend 58-year-old Margretia ‘Sarah’ Antoine, who operated a bakery in Sarrot, Castries, along with Antoine’s grandson, six-year-old David Agard, were trapped in the wreckage and perished in the flames.

Antoine’s other grandson, four-year-old Benjamin Agard, escaped, but succumbed to his injuries at hospital this morning. Antoine and her grandsons are all from Sarrrot.

Reports are that the couple were heading back to Antoine’s home nearby in Sarrot, after picking up the children from the L’Abayee SDA Primary School, when the accident occurred.

A relative of Antoine told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the couple had planned to buy some gasoline (in a fuel bottle) after picking up the children. The gasoline was to be used to service a vehicle owned by Antoine. The relative believed that the gas container – if it was bought – may have helped fuel the explosion after the truck crashed.

Teen found dead after meeting another male on Facebook 

Marvin Augustin.
Marvin Augustin.

A teenager who was found with his throat slashed Tuesday afternoon on the Trouya beach in Gros Islet, went missing after leaving to meet a young male he earlier met on Facebook, according to a source.

Relatives and Facebook friends have identified the deceased as 18-year-old Marvin Anthony Augustin of Grand Riviere, Gros Islet. His body was discovered at around 1:30 p.m. – hours after he went missing.

A source close to Augustin, who preferred to remain anonymous, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) “what is known so far”.

“I am really hurt by this…. Apparently he went to meet some guy that he met on Facebook yesterday (Monday) afternoon and told his best friend that if he doesn’t hear from him by 12 a.m. call his mom and tell her everything.

“No one had seen him since yesterday (Monday) or knew where he went. He said he was going to the beach, that’s it. Luckily he sent a picture of the guy he was going to meet to his best friend.

UPDATED: Photo of drugs found in BCF officer’s private part 


St. Lucia News Online (SNO) has obtained photos of the drugs discovered in the private part of a Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) officer on Sunday afternoon, April 12.

The drugs, suspected to be hashish – a product of marijuana – was tightly wrapped in a clear plastic bag and further concealed in foil paper.

The entire package, which reportedly weighs about 25 grams, was hidden in a sanitary pad worn by the prison officer, a mother of three from La Pointe, Mon Repos. She is expected to be charged on Monday, April 13.

Inspector Burton Deterville, head of the Drug Unit, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) said initially the officer refused to be searched or spread her legs. She instead requested to be taken to Dennery Hospital, where a doctor removed the drugs from her private parts. Deterville said a female officer accompanied the prison officer to the hospital.

Deterville said all prison officers are subjected to a routine search when they arrive at work. He said female prison officers are usually “frisked” but on this occasion the officer received a “body cavity search” based on intelligence received.


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