BREAKING NEWS: Yana Auguste died from physical trauma and asphyxia post-mortem reveals

BREAKING NEWS: Yana Auguste died from physical trauma and asphyxia post-mortem reveals
Yana Auguste
Yana Auguste

PRESS RELEASE – The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 32 year old, Yana Auguste of Reduit, Gros-Islet.

On Sunday, July 13, 2015, Soufriere police responded to a report of a vehicular accident at the bottom of Anse Chastanet Hill in Soufriere.

Upon arrival, the officers discovered a partially submerged 2015 Suzuki Swift, registration number 8663.

Auguste’s body was found near the wreckage with what appeared to be injuries to the head. The body was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015 a post mortem examination conducted on the body of Auguste revealed that she died as a result of physical trauma and asphyxia.

Anyone with information which could assist in the investigation of this incident are asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at telephone numbers 456 3752 or 456 3754.


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  1. All during the time she was alive getting people fired and getting mixed up in all sorts of things she ought not to, from love triangles to octagons where were the friends she had supporting her? none of them is going to the grave with her no matter how much foul they cry! moral of the story is it's up to you to protect your life even if no-one has the right to kill you, you are the one to responsible to avoid getting into situations which can lead to death

    You Died how you lived, Shocking but not surprising


    • Hey "Say it as I saw it" - you seemed to have been at the receiving end of the firing line. You had an axe to grind and seems like you did grind it! Hmmmmmm sounds ??????? Think I remember when one like you got fired from the same hotel that she worked because of the problems between you two. Am I right or AM I RIGHT? She is finally being laid to rest today - KARMA KARMA KARMA is definitely going to come one's way. R.I.P Yana


    • Bitch plz! Ur ignorant dumbass won't feel it til it reaches home. How is it any of ur business how she lived her life n it was selfishly taken from her? Rest her soul in peace. I guess it won't happen to ur perfect family. Right? Ur ass immortal . God don't like ugly check urself bcuz ppl like u will go before u know it . Pray the evil outta ur heart n push Satan away. U need the prayers.


  2. The constant crime reports on the island...chopping, stabbing, shooting, beating, robbing, killing....DO have an affect on where people choose to take their vacations and spend their $. No place is perfect but St St. Lucia is having it share of ugliness lately for sure. Losing the tourist $ will not help....


  3. Someone said they saw the vehicle go over the cliff and at the same time saw an other vehicle leaving go towards soufriere


  4. If she was alive when she hit the water wouldn't she have water in her lungs? If she was already dead than no water in her lungs. Not sure...just thinking.


  5. SMH - Tony
    Some people actually DO work hard, save $, and travel! Had my passport for a decade now and been to as many countries. Sorry it will never happen for you. If you are an indication of the "kindness" of St Lucians than no wonder the tourist dollar is not being spent there. Fortunately for St. Lucia, I don't think your arrogance represents most of the people on the island.
    FYI...crime statistics DO have an impact on the tourist industry. Basic knowledge...not fighting words. Chill.


  6. think a the family should have seek a specimen kit,then one can determined if a male was involved with her as to the nakedness since we dont know what happened but this can be useful,praying that a match be found if.


  7. first move officers phone records someone lowered her,2nd last person she spoke to,3rd her work place any security cameras on this premises,and her intimatefriend also her gal pals,could be an act of jealousy.interview the manager.using me skills practicing some may agree or disagree but we all have opinions


  8. What about the boyfriend. Or exboyfriend.y is he not being interrogated. Y is he he hiding something