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Wulf-Soulage-Alfred row still under investigation – Minister Fedee

By SNO Staff

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Wulf-Soulage (left) and Shervon Alfred

An investigation has been launched into a recent row between Director of Information Services at the Government Information Service (GIS) Clement Wulf-Soulage and Journalist Shervon Alfred.

In a viral video, Wulf-Soulage is seen acting aggressively toward Alfred who was recording him from a cellphone camera during a social gathering.

In the video, Wulf-Soulage made an outburst filled with profanity and threats toward Alfred and attempted to attack the journalist as he kept on filming him. Alfred subsequently made a report to the police.

Since the video surfaced, some have suggested that Wulf-Soulage’s employment should be terminated due to his behaviour. Others have opined that he was provoked by the journalist and is not to receive all the blame for the incident.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Minister Responsible for Information and Broadcasting, Dominic Fedee, said that an announcement will be made on the matter shortly.

“Well that matter is still under investigation and I don’t want to say anything that will preempt those discussions or that process so I think that the young man… I think personally, perhaps on reflection, may have regretted what happened and I think that’s all I will say for now. I’m sure that we will have another announcement on it shortly,” he said.

It was alleged that the week following the incident Wulf-Soulage did not report to work which raised speculation that he was on administrative leave.

When asked whether this was true, Fedee said, “I would have to check with the public service department that would handle the human resource issues… I just got back to the island yesterday so I haven’t really had the briefing yet. I’m supposed to get a briefing… I really don’t have all the details to be quite honest.”

Fedee indicated that he would have a more informed response following the next Cabinet briefing.

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  1. Height of arrogance by Wulf. His name describes him well. Fire him.

  2. only St. lucians believe that permission is need for someone to film you in a public place. Most businesses have cameras right now, do they ask for permission. Come on people (In this day and age)

  3. Shut up Wulf. Stop hiding behind these fake names. Nothing can justify that ugly and haughty behavior of yours. The camera does not lie. Forbthose who know Shervon, they will tell you that agression is not in his character. Thats a real genleman. Period.

    So shut up again, whoever you are.

  4. I'm more surprised that they are actually commenting on this incident, and they can't say a thing on the ubaldus case... which I find is worst

    • Why would Ubaldus's case be worst? He did not break any law neither was he disrespectful. Do you want him fired because you assume he cheated on his wife? The girl is an adult so are you against adults or even Ministers having sex with people who are not their spouses? I am afraid we do not have these laws neither do we have any document which deals or dictates the ethics of Ministers. If you have a problem you should speak to your local priest/pastor or your Rep.

  5. ... invasion of privacy, nuisance and not being in the public interest???

  6. fake news vibes, these labour party hacks will do anything to people they perceive to be the enemy, imagine a dude on his own time, having a private conversation with friends and some dude feels like he can invade the man space and record him just are we saying that all public officers are on duty at all times, that we don't have freedom of speech or freedom of expression? Are we really going down this road just for political expediency ? so is it now kosher to go after people just because of their social life? this smells like horse manue

    • Shut up Wulf. Stop hiding behind these fake names. Nothing can justify that ugly and haughty behavior of yours. The camera does not lie. Forbthose who know Shervon, they will tell you that agression is not in his character. Thats a real genleman. Period.

      So shut up again, whoever you are.

  7. Soulage should be fired forthwith!

  8. fire him. he always want to fire somebody so fire him!!!

  9. Anonymous Concerned


    Isn't it illegal to film/record someone without due permission? If someone is at a social and personal gathering, a journalist has no right to record the person for any reason without first seeking permission. If this was in the US, this journalist would have been sued. I believe it is in the laws of St. Lucia too. Soulage should sue this journalist for all he has, it is time journalist learn their place. If the man was attending a government function, I fully understand. The person's personal lifestyle has nothing to do with the media. The gentleman is a human being and had every right to be upset, I would get upset too if it were me. Alfred would have more than threats to report to the police because he probable would have been bleeding too.......nonsense!!!.

    • Was ***'s permission sought when he was filmed calling Allan a faggot? Was that filming legal?

    • you idiot what are his grounds for suing? even the phones are smarter than the fools. you dildo he filmed an altercation.

      • Provocation brought on by the journalist the moment he took his phone out...this alone means the guys intent was to slander the mans name and on that grounds i will sue, for posting this video of a remote setting where everyone is out trying to enjoy the evening.

    • "Isn't it illegal to film/record someone without due permission?"

      Here we have an example of a blatantly false premise used by an eponymous concern troll to support the boorish tantrums of Campeche, the government's chief propagandist.


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