WRMA says rainfall still inadequate; water emergency remains in effect

WRMA says rainfall still inadequate; water emergency remains in effect

Water-Faucet-jpgThe Water Resource Management Agency (WRMA) said in spite of increases in flow rates within major rivers after rainfall, it is still not allowing for adequate recovery of surface water resources.

WRMA Water Resource Specialist Farzana Yusuf-Leon said as a result, citizens are urged to continue to conserve water.

She said it would be useful if citizens: use grey-water to water plants, take shorter showers, turn off the tap while brushing teeth, fix leaks in plumbing infrastructure and reporting leaks in WASCO’s infrastructure.

Persons are also encouraged to increase rainwater harvesting.

Yusuf-Leon said the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology has predicted that there would be less than average rainfall until September.

An outlook provided by the Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network had also indicated a drought warning for Saint Lucia and other Caribbean countries.

A water-related emergency was declared on May 20 and remains in effect, the official said.

Yusuf-Leon explained that El Nino is intensifying, which often results in a late start and early end of the wet season, particularly for the South-East Caribbean, leading to potential drought concerns towards the next dry season.

It was noted that certain activities are prohibited since they contribute to contamination of water sources or reduce the amount of water available to other users. These include: bathing or washing at water intakes, disposing of waste in rivers and washing of vehicles in rivers.

The WRMA said if there is a requirement to abstract water from a stream or spring for non-domestic purposes, they should be contacted for guidance.


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  1. We will have a storm now and it still be inadequate. Presently nothing retains water in St Lucia. The river beds are higher than the river banks and no efforts are been made to desilt. Lots of talk about it but no action. It rains and millions of gallons of water goes down the drain. Mr Guy Joseph once spoke of harvesting water and he was ridiculed at by this present government, when they were in opposition. Legislation was recommended to ensure cisterns were part of newly constructed building especially homes. All this became history with this new administration.


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