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Wrecker will be used “without hesitation” this Independence – police

By SNO Staff

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George Nicholas said the police have hired a wrecker for the Independence celebrations

(SNO) — The police are warning motorists that they will take tough action against them if they break traffic rules in the capital during the island’s Independence celebrations on Friday.

George Nicholas, superintendent of police in charge of operations, warned that the police have utilized the services of a wrecker that will be used “without hesitation when necessary”.

“And I want to hasten to say that it will be at the owners’ expense,” he said at a press briefing. “So I want persons to participate in the celebrations and to enjoy the activities.”

Brazil Street, Chausee Road and La Toc Road will be the main streets for vehicular traffic entering and leaving Castries.

A number of bus stops will be relocated.

“Dennery, that’s Dennery South Route 2C, the buses will be relocated to Micoud Street,” Nicholas said. “That is just in front of M&C and they will be facing north, so they will be facing Jeremie Street.”

He explained that the bus stop for Route 2B or Dennery North will remain as is.

“And those two bus stops, the buses would exit through the Inner Relief Road,” he stated.

A number of bus stops have been relocated to the the Inner Relief Road.

“The Jacmel/Millet bus stop will be relocated to the Inner Relief Road. Ciceron/The Morne Bus Stop will be relocated to the Inner Relief Road, La Croix will be relocated to the Inner Relief Road. Bexon Bus Stop will be relocated to the Inner Relief Road,” Nicholas said.

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  1. So you guys are only releasing this important information the day before the event?

  2. These measure of the wrecker service being utilized in the city should have been implemented ever since, not just for independence. Each wrecker utilized should have an assigned person whether police officer or civilian on every trip to ensure just and legal confiscation of the vehicles. This should be ongoing

  3. When will people in the Police force display that they at least have some intelligence? So traffic must only flow on independence celebration? Why don't we encourage a standard for everyday? While we are at it, can somebody explain why we have police officers every morning under the traffic lights (example near Vfort bus stop) doing exactly what the traffic lights are doing? Most times the areas with the heavier traffic like the la toc road suffer.

  4. Where is inner relief road?

  5. where is the inner relief road? most people dont understand this language

    • Its not a language problem but rather a lack of knowledge. The road joining Jeremie Street to La Toc Road passing infront SLASPA bldg. with the bridge and traffic lights at the end is called Inner Relief Road. The officer should have been asked that question by the press people present. Smh. The officer should have also had a map depicting the changes. Again. Smh

  6. Where is Inner relief road?


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