Woulélaba competition underway

Woulélaba competition underway

The launch of the annual Woulélaba competition organized by the Folk Research Centre (FRC) took place at the La Guerre playing field at La Guerre on Sunday October 5.

Thirteen (13) teams comprising: Monchy, Mon Repos, Dennery, Desrameau, Piaye, Belfond, Anse La Raye. Barre de chaussee, Sarrot, Tèt Paul, Ciceron, La Point Micoud and Babonneau will be taking part in the competition this year 2014.

At the Woulélabarama at La Guerre all teams save MonRepos, Anse La Raye, La point and Tèt Paul we in attendance. Mixed team games were played during the Woulélabarama which was won by the Monchy/Desrameau combination beating the Dennery/Belfond team in the final.

History was made at the Woulélabarama on Sunday October 5, 2014 when for the first time the games were played under lights. As a result the games went until 8: 00 pm. The La Guerre playing field is well lit to facilitate night games.

As usual, commentary on the games was conducted in Kwéyòl with lots of music vending, dancing and frolic which is the usual feature of Woulélaba.

The Competition begins this Sunday October 12, with matches between Dennery and Sarrot at Dennery, Ciceron and Barre de Chaussee at Ciceron, Belfond and
Desrameaux at Piaye and MonRepos and Piaye at Mon Repos.

All games begin at 10 a.m.


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