WORLD: Rapper Juvenile jailed for failing to pay whopping child support debt

By NY Daily News
Terius Gray, 42, aka Juvenile, was arrested Saturday in New Orleans with failure to pay child support and contempt of court. (ORLEANS PARISH SHERIFF'S OFFICE)

Terius Gray, 42, aka Juvenile, was arrested Saturday in New Orleans with failure to pay child support and contempt of court. (ORLEANS PARISH SHERIFF’S OFFICE)

Juvenile backed that thang up into a jail cell.

The rapper was jailed in New Orleans on Saturday after a judge discovered he owes $150,000 in child support to the mother of his teenage son, the New Orleans Advocate reported.

The “Back that Azz Up” singer was ordered to spend 30 days in jail or pay up the six figures.

The whopping amount in question stems from payments that were due by Juvenile to the mother of his son, Dionne Williams, between 2012 and 2013.

A ruling at the time determined Juvenile — whose real name is Terius Gray — owed $170,000 and he then paid just $20,000 of it in April.

Williams accuses Gray, 41, of failing to pay more than $71,000 between 2013 and last month, according to court records obtained by the Advocate.

The Advocate also revealed that authorities commonly jail defendants who have the economic means to pay the support in order to force them to make payments.

Juvenile found himself under arrest just hours after he finished a concert at the Southport Hall in Louisiana.

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  1. "...whopping child support debt."

    Seriously? That's chump change in today's world of family law.

    I would have hoped that SNO could do better than something that is a completely subjective, arguably uninformed headline in its use of adjective "whopping".

    The calculation of child support is a relatively simple, legislated mathematical formula based on means, lifestyle the child was used to, and so on.

    Perhaps use the word "whopping" when the equalization payment is USD 1M and the monthly support for one child is USD 18K.

    Terius Gray would best be careful about international travel to certain western world jurisdictions, they have established legislative backstops regarding so-called "dead-beat Dads" that have direct implications on being allowed entry into the country, being flagged so as not to get off-shore jobs, health care or drivers' licenses, and being tipped off by a seeming friend and being aggressively placed in irons and deported forthwith.

    Hopefully he knows how deep the (expletive deleted) that he's in because of this.

  2. My mother NOM k°k@?

    Its so ironic he and his clans went by the name cash money.


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