WORLD: Man beaten by father of 1-year-old girl he sexually assaulted

WORLD: Man beaten by father of 1-year-old girl he sexually assaulted
Jayson Newlun
Jayson Newlun

A Kansas City man charged with sexually assaulting a 1-year-old girl while babysitting was beaten by the infant’s father before his arrest, court records say.

Jayson Newlun allegedly touched the child’s genitals and masturbated as he photographed the act while the baby’s parents were out shopping on Friday, KMBC reported.

The parents returned home from the store because the mother had forgotten her WIC folder, which includes vouchers for low-income families, court documents show.

Newlun, who was a family friend, wasn’t on the couch and they noticed their daughter’s bedroom door was open, papers say.

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The mother then walked in on Newlun photographing the infant before pleasuring himself and touching the baby between her legs, records obtained by KCTV-TV state.

That’s when she called her husband, who tackled, attacked Newlun with a dresser drawer and punched him repeatedly. A neighbor ran in to stop the attack.

“I hope you go down for this,” the mother reportedly told Newlun.

“I do, too,” he replied.

Newlun’s mugshot shows him sporting a black eye and blood on his nose.

The 26-year-old was charged with first-degree statutory sodomy and booked into Clay County Detention Center. He’s being held on $250,000 bond.



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  1. One eye should be out of the socket, he should have a broken nose, no front teeth and the fingers who touched the child with should be cut off, among other blows.


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