WORLD: I want my genitals removed to become a ‘genderless alien’

WORLD: I want my genitals removed to become a ‘genderless alien’
Vinny Ohh
Vinny Ohh
Vinny Ohh

A make-up artist wants to remove his genitals to achieve his dream of looking like an alien – but plastic surgeons have said it may be impossible.

LA-based Vinny Ohh, 23, has already spent $60,000 transforming himself into a “genderless alien.”

However, the surgery he wants next is his most extreme yet – getting his genitalia removed entirely so he is neither male nor female.

He’s now been told by plastic surgeons that he may never be able to have the operation – which would be a world-first.

Renowned plastic surgery Dr. Simoni, who runs a practice in Beverly Hills, said such a procedure is highly controversial since doctors are unsure what effect the removal would have on the body’s biochemistry.

He said: “The experimental nature of the procedure means it is highly risky and it could also impact on basic bodily functions such as Vinny’s ability to urinate.

“This procedure has not been done yet, it’s totally new territory.

“This would be a brand new procedure and if something happens or there are complications, we don’t have any idea how to address it.

“Also, the sexual organ is also a tool to urinate, there are muscles that hold the urethra and prevents not only the urine flowing out, but also the bacteria going back up.

“My main problem with this procedure is what is he going to think about it in ten or 15 years time?

“Because all the bridges are gone. There is no way to come back to female or male. It’s a done deal. And he is young and now he has to live with it until he is 80 or 90 years old.”

The wannabe extraterrestrial grew up in a small town in Oregon, where he says he never quite felt like he belonged.

So far Vinny has had three surgeries and 110 procedures to achieve his current look, including two rhinoplasties and 35 body and face laser treatments.

He also regularly sports large black contact lenses and strikingly colored hair, which complete his jaw-dropping look.

He said: “My goal in regards to my look is to become an exact, scientifically proportioned, sexless human being.

“People talk about ‘gender reassignment’ but I’m looking to have ‘gender unassignment’. I’m looking to change my genitals so there is nothing there. There will just be a hole to pee out of.

“I want my genitals removed because life would be easier, plus I’m also celibate.”

There may also be legal obstacles to such an operation.

Surgeons have suggested Vinny transition to female as a first, safe step towards his goal, but he has his heart set on being left with a doll-like genital region.

Vinny said: “I don’t want to become a woman, I just want to have nothing.”

Asked about his reasons for identifying as alien and wanting such a drastic surgery, Vinny is clear that he sees himself as a pioneer.

He said: “For me LA was always about sex appeal, whereas when I think of alien I think of ugly. Aliens don’t really have a gender, in my eyes anyway.

“I connected with it and felt like, ‘I want to be that’.”

Doctors have raised the fact that the surgery would leave Vinny unable to father children of his own, but Vinny says his plan has always been to adopt.

He said: “When I was younger I identified as a gay man and I had already planned to adopt three kids. My mindset hasn’t really changed.

“Just because I remove my genitals I will still be adopting children.”
While his plastic surgery goals may seem shocking to some, Vinny has the support of his sister Daniella and manager Marcela.

Daniella said: “My biggest concern is just his safety. I really have the concerns about cyber bullying and real bullying during his everyday life.

“I do worry that he’ll change his mind about surgery later in life but the more we talk about it, the more it actually feels like this is actually truly what he needs and wants to be more authentically him.”

Vinny’s manager Marcela added: “I personally love Vinny’s look because I always like people who don’t look normal, or at least what society says is normal.

“I support Vinny’s transformation into becoming a genderless human. If he is ready to do it, and the doctors approve the surgery legally, I will by with him by his side.”

And despite the warnings Vinny has received from medical professionals, he is adamant that he will go ahead with it, saying that he needs it in order to become his true self.

Vinny said: “I am so happy and proud for the way I am living my life.

“People think I am crazy for the way I look but I think I am doing something good by pushing boundaries and changing the way people think.”

Vinny Ohh previously appeared on This Morning to reveal his plans to have his nipples, bellybutton and genitals removed in order to become a “blank canvas.”


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  1. My question is has he seen an alien? How does he know that an alien is genderless? Maybe another man would want to be a dragon and put some gas canister in his lungs and a lighter under his tongue. This LGBT thing is a precursor to the depths of immorality and confusion. People will be marrying goats and cars in the next 20 years or so and we will have to go back and examine where we went wrong. How can we stop that since we now see it as "Rights?" Brother and sister will be marrying and ten cousins will marry together. A man will be able to marry a baby girl. All because of "sexual orientation." Scientists have already concluded that pedophilia is a type of sexual orientation. Recently, a young girl in Sweden won the right to have sex with her family in a case. So you see where this is heading!

    Sometimes things are restricted not only for morality's sake but to prevent abuses and embarking on path into utter chaos and destruction. What if the idea of being gay becomes popular (more than say tattooing) and everybody lashes on to the idea? What would happen to the world? Humankind will be wiped out of the face of the earth and it would become planet of apes. That gay or genderless thing is nothing more than being selfish. Only concern is one's self and nothing about others or the world for that matter.


  2. This man is pure evil has no god in his life because he didnt create himself and i think they need to put him in an institution and also the jackasses who support him in this nomadic decision he shouldnt be alive then if he wants his body parts removed such an idiot plus he is goodless has no reason or purpose to live and he feels that he is god mad man he is an unhappy selfish person who needs help i personally would just jail him smdfh


    • Don't lose sleep over this. This is simply a case of someone suffering from a severe form of mental illness. And the medical fraternity should not even take mate on. In legal circles, these is a thing called"wasting the Court's time". Well, for me, this poor fellow is wasting the time of the medical services. Just let that rest.


      • In the past gender identification and changing genders used to be considered as wasting the court's time. Now it is prevalent and widely accepted. Soon this alien and genderless nonsense will take precedence.


  3. ADOPTING CHILDREN!!! For goodness sake I hope it aint so!! This is not the example a child should follow! smh!


  4. Well Mars exploration has began, maybe he should volunteer to be the first "alien" from earth to reside on Mars, since he wants to push boundaries.


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