World Day against the Death Penalty to be observed locally

World Day against the Death Penalty to be observed locally

PRESS RELEASE – The British High Commission in collaboration with the French Embassy, Alliance Française and Greater Caribbean for Life is to hold a film festival and debate to mark the 12th World Day against the Death Penalty on 10 October 2014 at 6pm at the Alliance Française.

The evening will feature 4 short films:

– French short film : Voix pour l’abolition (Galilée – CNDP)

– Video Testimonies from The Hope Victim Support Group

– Adaptation of Untold stories – Am I my Brothers Keeper? By Dale Elliot

– The Caribbean premiere of The Last 40 miles – Based on a true story set in Texas which follows an inmate on his final journey from death row to the execution chamber.

This will be followed by a forum to debate the merits of the death penalty which will be moderated by Resident British Commissioner, Andy Pryce and will include the following


– Alex Hannaford, Journalist and director of The Last 40 Miles

– Leela Ramdeen, Chair of Greater Caribbean for Life, Attorney-at-law and Chair of the

Catholic Commission for Social Justice in Trinidad and Tobago

– Shawn Innocent – Attorney at Law

– David Cox – Lawyer, member of Constitutional Reform Committee

– Dale Elliott – Journalist and producer of Untold Stories

– Earl Bousquet – Journalist and former Government Press Secretary

– Francisca Plummer – Psychotherapist

Since 2003, people all over the world have, on this day, been making clear their opposition to the death penalty as a form of punishment.

For the British and French Governments the death penalty has no place in the modern world: we believe that its use undermines human dignity; there is no conclusive evidence of its deterrent value; and any miscarriage of justice leading to its imposition is irreversible and irreparable.

We invite you along to this evening which we hope will provide a frank and lively debate on the issues surrounding the death penalty. Please respond to [email protected] if you wish to attend.


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  1. People who are against the death penalty have no problem with abortion. These people a called liberals. Low information voters.


    • I love the death penalty but will not vote for the death penalty in the US since they have too many false guilty. People that they asume that commited the crime but never did. What about the people that died, how would they defend themselves? In St Lucia I vote for the death penalty because if we had that death penalty the crimes would go away. St Lucia barely makes mistake on who the killer is like they do in the US.


  2. what we need is an alternative to the death penalty which is equally effective as a deterrent for murder. Financial and or technological assistance for fighting crime will do.


    • Ms. Dunce if you kill someone who need to die to. What you sow what you reap. I would also not like someone to be killed for what another person did. THe insane crap dont go good with me. If you crazy why dont you go to church and pray why they always want to kill I would kill them too. Sorry nut thats my opinion.


  3. A lot of times we as humans do things and never understand the penality for the things we do its high time we take into consideration every single thing we do to people tht we would never want pple to do us in return . so tell me how cum u can take sumbodies life away like nothing and u living free.


  4. Stop wasting precious...Those who sentence innocent people to death must taste the same medicine...The British enslave us..abuse us and now want to dictate to us.....


  5. Murder has no place in the modern world. Yet still we have it. The victim begs for mercy and the killer shown none.

    Then they are caught and sentenced to death and now they don't want to die!!!! Nice to lose a life as long as it not ours.


  6. Lemme see world day of Police and authorities giving citizens the justice that they pay taxes for, or world day to stop criminals from getting away with killing innocent citizens, or world day against political corruption in high and low places, or world day against dual application of the same damn justice system. One outcome for the rich and connected and a totally different and adversely harsher outcome for the poor, disowned and disenfranchised.


  7. What knowledge, expertize or wisdom on this subject does Earl have to contribute to this forum? Understand that even the sound of his voice on this forum will be a nuisance hence my reason for deciding not to attend.


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