World Bank ranks St. Lucia among top 10 wealthy Caribbean nations

World Bank ranks St. Lucia among top 10 wealthy Caribbean nations
Castries city, St. Lucia
Castries city, St. Lucia

St. Lucia has been named among the top 10 wealthy Caribbean nations based on Gross National Income (GNI), according to a report by the World Bank.

St. Lucia was ranked seventh with a GNI of $6,530.

In its 2014 World Development Report, the World Bank used the GNI to measure the wealth of Caribbean nations. The information is data of the bank’s main criterion for classifying economies.

The GNI per capita is the gross national income of a country divided by its total population. It is also the sum of value added by all resident producers, plus any product taxes (less subsidies) not included in the valuation of output, plus net receipts of primary income (compensation of employees and property income) from abroad, according to the World Bank.

According to the report St Lucia’s educated workforce and improvements in roads, communications, water supply, sewerage, and port facilities have attracted foreign investment in tourism and in petroleum storage and transshipment.

“The island nation has been able to attract foreign business and investment, especially in its offshore banking and tourism industries, which is the its main source of revenue,” the report stated. “The manufacturing sector is the most diverse in the Eastern Caribbean, and the government is trying to revitalize the banana industry.”

Bahamas grabbed the top spot with a GNI of $21,280.

Here is the full list based on the World Bank report:
-Bahamas ….$21,280
-Trinidad …$14,400
-St. Kitts and Nevis $13,330
-Antigua….. $12,640
-Suriname … $8,480
-Grenada …..$7,110
-St Lucia …. $6,530
-Dominica …..$6,460
-St Vincent and the Grenadines $6,380
-Jamaica …..$5,140



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    • Richest Countries in the Caribbean authentic list

      ▲ Country GDP per capita
      Bahamas, The
      Trinidad and Tobago
      Antigua and Barbuda
      Saint Kitts and Nevis
      Saint Lucia
      Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


      • Take this and shove it up your posterior, you jealous hobbit.

        You obviously have no clue what the GNI is. Lmbao.


      • My learned friend the article that which you are quoting this information from said the top 10 richest Countries in the Caribbean,so I would like to bring to your attention that you leave of Jamaica. Is it my instinct that is telling me you are stupid? or you just prove the point I was having a problem with. (smh)


  1. Citizen cane is such a fool. Like Rihanna ever give anything to the poor in Bim..plizzzz. we caribbean islands should try and unite instead of fighting each other all the time. Both Barbados and St.Lucia are having very difficult times, put that energy into being innovative helpers


    • You need to tell your Minister for tourism this. He did the attacking first like a little emotional woman.

      Our Minister for tourism never bashed Barbados. As a matter of fact he acted as we have wished and as a State Man would, with class.


    • Last word, Rihanna recently donated
      $3 million dollars to QEH in Barbados. Where have you been? Bajgal hmmmm!lol


    • Laugh out loud TOMTOM

      This is more an account of poverty index rather than wealth. You mean you have a handful of Caribbean Island and St Lucia falls behind St Kitts, Antigua and Grenda, and barely ahead of lapo Dominica and St Vincent, and people are cheering?

      Give me a break. It's so sad to see St Lucians digging up or craving for good news when in all reality there is none.


  2. If Government will be asking us to accept a 10% pay cut next year and all the government taxes remains, we will be off that list next year.


  3. Why are we so stupid? We know what we feel and we know what our brothers and sisters feel. For those who believe this is something to rejoice stop being silly. STEP dependance are increasing. Our Minister of Agriculture always boast that bananas increases every month but the banana boat leaves port earlier almost every week. The tourism director tells us that there is an 11% increase in tourism for December so far but he did not say compare to what period. I suspect it is compared to the summer period when things are usually very slow.


  4. Well why am I not surprised? With millionaire ex MP's and millionaire political aspirants and newspaper tycoons we must be highly ranked.


  5. Shame you have other countries like Antigua,Grenada and St.Kitts above St.Lucia.Never would have thought so.Nothing good to shout about.