Workshop on productivity improvements for SMEs to be hosted in St. Lucia

Workshop on productivity improvements for SMEs to be hosted in St. Lucia


PRESS RELEASE – Senator the Honourable Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, Minister in the Ministry of Finance is slated to deliver the keynote address at the St. Lucia Employers Federation (SLEF) upcoming Membership Workshop entitled “Productivity Improvements for Small and Micro Enterprises” on January 18, 2017 at the Bay Gardens Hotel at 9:00 am.

The workshop will be held in collaboration with the Caribbean Employers’ Confederation (CEC), the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the St. Lucia National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC). Also addressing the opening ceremony will be Ms. Linda Besson, Executive Secretary of the Caribbean Employers’ Confederation and Mr. Vern Gill, President of the St. Lucia Employers’ Federation.

In accordance with the implementation of the European Union funded project which aims to facilitate the participation of CARIFORUM civil society in the regional development and integration process, the Caribbean Employers’ Confederation (CEC) conducted a workshop during the Regional Bipartite Forum held in Grenada from November 3-5, 2015. The purpose of that workshop was for CEC members, of which SLEF is an affiliate, to identify the training needs of its members, chief among which was the necessity for a training workshop on “Productivity Improvements for SME’s”.

Amongst the facilitators will be Ms. Vanessa Phala, Senior Specialist on Employers’ Activities attached to the ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean, who will be providing participants with an Overview to some ILO Productivity Tools; Ms. Fiona Hinkson, Executive Director of the National Productivity Council, who will be presenting on “Productivity & Competitiveness Indicators, Measurement, Data Requirements & Data availability in St. Lucia” and “Measures to Improve Productivity at various Organizational Levels” and Mr. Joseph Alexander, Executive Director of the St. Lucia Employers’ Federation who will be addressing “Improving Productivity/Controlling absenteeism”. The workshop will conclude with discussion on policies and strategies to address productivity.

Private Sector Business Employers and others interested in attending this workshop should contact The Secretariat of the St. Lucia Employers Federation, L’Anse Road, Castries, telephone: 452-2190.


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  1. I am resigned to the fact that local media personnel who have consistently displayed any lack of knowledge of basic economics even, will be reporting on this specialized forum. What will they report? Perhaps, they had better even go to Wikipedia, for a grounding, inaccurate as it may be. I am tired of the usual tosh from them.


  2. How will I be able to listen to him and keep a straight face?

    To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.


    • You have not yet learned how to separate the person from the message? Grow up, child. You are just like the ignoramuses in the USA, who could not do this. They voted for Trump.


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