Works to be conducted on Chaussee Road this weekend

Works to be conducted on Chaussee Road this weekend

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Water and Sewerage Company regrets to inform the public of works scheduled for the Chaussee Rd area near upper Jeremy Street.

The works, which are scheduled for Sunday March 18th, 2018, are necessary in order to repair a collapsed sewerage line there.

The situation was brought to the attention of WASCO officials last week and upon investigation, it was discovered that the concrete sewer line had collapsed as a result of back-filling and compacting following repair works on a water main at the same location about two weeks ago.

If left unchecked the situation can compromise the structure of the road over time and cause a collapse. All efforts are being made to address the situation and to avoid a “worst case scenario” which can be costly and inconvenient.

The Royal St Lucia Police Force and other utility partners have been informed of the situation and have agreed to provide the relevant support services on the Sunday. This has been done to minimize the inconvenience that the works will cause to the motoring public.


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