Working towards a Regional Smart Transport System for the Caribbean

Working towards a Regional Smart Transport System for the Caribbean

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Caribbean consists of 28 islands with an average population of 42.4 million people.

Most of these Caribbean islands depend on Tourism as their main income earner and play host to millions of visitors from Asia, Europe, the US, UK and Canada who travel on vacation or to do business.

Whether by private or commercial Aircraft, Yachts or Cruise Ships visitors to the Caribbean when reaching their destination need to move around via ground transportation. Just as those of us who live in the Caribbean move from one location to the other.

The current Caribbean transport system consists of Taxi’s, Rental’s, Public Buses and Privately owned vehicles. You either call a Taxi, Rent a Car, ask a friend for a ride or find a Bus terminal to get from one location to another.

Today we see the changing trends in the transportation industry with the introduction of on demand transport services or Ride Sharing, EV’s and Autonomous Vehicles.

The Caribbean is a market which is ripe for various investment opportunities including the introduction of app based Smart Transportation and Delivery Services. One Ride Sharing company capable of serving the entire Caribbean with various transport services via one mobile app.

This is where RIDE Caribbean comes into play. A Multi-Service Caribbean Ride Sharing service which is the brain child of founder Greggar Deterville.

RIDE Caribbean is a Transportation Network Company based in St. Lucia; which will serve the entire Caribbean. A Multi-Service Caribbean Ride Sharing company connecting Riders to Drivers via a Mobile Application, offering Riders the comfort and convenience of a door to door On Demand Service.

The company offers Ride Sharing for up to 6 riders, Private Ride Sharing for you and one friend and Luxury Ride Sharing with perks for you and two friends. The goal of the company is to provide a reliable, safe and convenient Caribbean Ride Sharing service. RIDE Caribbean offers Drivers the opportunity to make additional income via Ride Share and On Demand Delivery Services.

RIDE Caribbean will provide services to Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Caribbean Nationals and Visitors. RIDE Caribbean offers Riders its own Fleet, Privately owned vehicles to include SUV’s, Cars, Pickups, Wheelchair Cabs and Mini Vans. Whether it is a 15 minute or 8 hour ride; there is no more waiting in queue, high rates or contracts to sign.

The RIDE Caribbean App will offer other services such; Smart Bus, On Demand Taxi, Food, Grocery, Retail Purchase and Delivery, Courier Services and Mobile Payment Wallet Services with the option of Cryptocurrency Payments.
RIDE Caribbean also offers Luxury Airport and Cruise Ship Transfers, Luxury Island Tours, Luxury Mobile Parties and Luxury Night Outs.

The idea is to enhance traditional services with innovative features, software and technology all in one app. Take a closer look at RIDE Caribbean at


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